Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday Night Witnessing - June 13, 2014

We had an interesting time on street ministry last night. We arrived at the bar a little after 10:00. A few tracts were rejected at first. Bro. Charles and I took a shift each with the cross. I had put the name of Jesus on the front. The business manager came out and talked with us without incident. Bro. Gary talked with a taxi driver for a few minutes. I talked to a young man that had played a set at the bar. He said that he played in clubs and played in church on Sunday as a hired musician. He obviously isn't in it for ministry, but for the money. While Bro. JJ was preaching, the bar manager approached us. He said that he didn't want us yelling at his customers. He called the police. This is the first time that the police have been called at this bar. Six police showed up to handle the complaint. They said that we were on private property across from the bar. We have always understood that we had about a three foot right away near the street. We will check out every thing before we go back. We also will record what we say next time in case they falsely accuse us for saying something that we didn't. We aren't like the "shock and awe" guys who get rough with the people. The police stayed for thirty minutes after they talked with us. I gave out 5 or 6 tracts while they were there. Prayerfully, we will have more one on ones next time. Next month, we are gong to the local Fourth of July Fireworks display. This is mainly a tract event with one on ones. 

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