Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Week In Witnessing

Sunday - After church, we ran by the Dollar General. I talked to Frank, who was cleaning off his motorcycle. I told him that I would give him a million for his bike as I offered him a Million Dollar Bill tract. He said that he prayed everyday, but it seemed that he had the attitude of "me and God have our own thing going". I had to give a friend a rode home after church . I gave a tract to a man that was leaving a Circle K.

Monday - I put some million dollar bill tracts in my shirt pocket before going into McDonald's. The cashier asked my about them when she was taking my order. Then, she told her sister, who was working with her, that she needed one. That evening, we went to the Chevron station in Sterlington. I gave a million dollar bill to a man that was leaving. James, the manager of the store, told me that he had a new guy. I gave him my last mancard that I had found in my car. He is a Christian. As I was showing him the million dollar bill tract, a man behind us asked about it. I gave him one, too. I was going to give one to a man outside, but I discovered that I has gave the last one out inside. I gave him another

Tuesday - in the morning, I stopped at the NowSave that is one of my favorite places to go now. I gave two tracts to a man and a woman at the pumps. After work, Wayne,Jermaine, Ricky,Cedric, Kevin, and Quinton received a tract at Walmart.

Wednesday - I was able to talk with Keland at the NowSave near my work place. He was picking up cigarette butts in the parking lot. I gave him a 2012 tract from onemilliontracts.com . A young man named Keem said that he was saved.

Thursday - At the NowSave near the I-20, I talked with Sam and Rodney. Rodney has been trying to get Sam to go to church with him. I gave a tract to Brandon at the West Monroe Walmart. I talked with Quincy again. I had gave him a trillion dollar bill several weeks ago. Ron was stocking beer. I gave him a tract, also.

Friday - I was able to hand out 3 tracts before work : one at the laundry mat in Monroe,one at a Circle K,and one at the drive thru of Burger King. After work, I went to the Racetrack convenience store in West Monroe. This store has a heavy traffic flow. I targeted a car that had "High Rolla" on the back wind shield. The driver's name was Ted. I gave him the Biggest Gamble? tract. His friends were Jontavious, Ted, and Josh. I gave them Are You A Good Person?. I was able to talk to them for a few minutes. I stopped at another vehicle that was about to leave. I gave the 4 occupants the Are You A Good Person? tract. One man in the car asked me about the pale horse in Revelations. That night at the Sterlington Chevron, I saw the young man that I gave a million to on Monday night. I gave him a Are you a Good Person? tract. A man buying cigarettes left with a tract, too.

Saturday - We had a work day and a yard sale at our church. I gave tracts to three men that were delivering ice at the Valero. At the yard sale, I gave the Trivia del Futbol Spanish tract to Asero and Eliason. Later on that evening at Super One, I gave the Are You A Good Person? tract to Richard.
Two other men took tracts, also.

What a privilege we have to share our faith to the lost world! Lately, I have been challenging people to read certain scriptures such as Romans 10 and 1 John 5:13 - These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. A lot of people say that they hope to go to Heaven, but they can know like we know! Opportunities to share our faith are everywhere, everyday! There is one waiting for you around the corner. Happy Soul-Winning!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Week In Witnessing

Monday - I went to Walmart in the morning where I gave a trillion dollar bill to J.V. He said that he wasn't saved. I gave him a Mancard tract about three months ago. My million dollar bill tracts came in at work. I gave away 3 at lunch. I went to the UPS store after work where I gave one to a man that was in a truck. I went in to a Check Advance Plus store that was in the same strip and gave two to customers and two to the workers. I gave out 3 at the Sterlington Chevron. I stopped Pancho and Philemon while they were leaving the parking lot. They got a Spanish Gospel of John and a Spanish tract each. Pancho saw the million dollar bill in my pocket, so I also gave them one, also. Inside the store, I gave two Spanish Gospel of John to
Julio and Oscar.

Tuesday I gave 2 million dollar bills out at a Chevron and one at the drive- thru at McDonald's . Before I left the Laundry Room in Monroe, I got to witness to Jennifer who was listening to the news report about the town that was going to fine people for cussing. I used thus to springboard into witnessing to her. I told her that fining won't stop them from cussing because it is in their heart. They need a born-again experience. I left her with tract. At a NowSave, I talked with Don who was an alchoholic. He had already been drinking and It was only 8:30 in the morning!
At lunch, I took care of laundry mat business at the Progressive bank. I ha given a teller a trillion dollar bill about two months ago. She had it taped on the wall of her work area! Then, I gave a tract to a young man at McDonald's. At Super One, I gave out 9 millions. Johnny was picking up beer when I gave one to him. Loumero and Richard were two Spanish men that i gave them to at the register. I gave three to people that were in line behind me. One woman said that whe was already in trouble after reading the first part of the tract! I gave two to a man and the cashier at a Circle K.

Wed - I talked with Larry at the NowSave near the I-20. He got saved two weeks ago. Clayton said that he just got out of jail. I also gave a million to his friend,Jared. I was going into McDonald's in West Monroe at lunch and gave a million to Doug who was walking out the door. He said that someone had gave one to him at a concert in Baton Rouge about 3 weeks ago!!
Bro. J.J., Bro. Day, and I went to jail service at Claiborne Parish Detention Center in Homer. Bro. Day testified. Bro. J.J. preached first. I preached on "His Hand is Outstretched Still". We had three come to pray to be saved!
We always have a great time at these services. Afterwards, we went to McDonald's in Homer. I gave two million dollar bills to Nick and Marti, who were Hindus, at the drive-thru. Bro J.J had a good conversation with one of men who worked there. We pulled into Valero and gave a tract to Tim who was from Oklahoma. He was working in town. He said that he sees money tracts everywhere where he lives. He house sits for a missionary, also.

Thursday - Morning: I met Yosef and Carlos at the Shell station in West Momroe. Carlos said that he was saved, but that Yosef wasn't. When a gave a million dollar billl to the man behind the counter, he said that he was about to tell his boss that he was going to quit. I went through the parking lot of the NowSave near my parents to give a million dollar bill to a man unloading a Budweiser beer truck. At lunch, Daniel and Robert received a Spanish Gospel of John each at the Super One store.

Friday I took wife to the doctor's office this morning. I gave a million to Willie as he was leaving. Getting brake pads O'Reilly's, I gave a tract to Stephan before I went in. He told me that he had been to our church years ago! I gave a million to Lawrence and Justin who worked there. B.J. told me that he wasn't saved when I gave a tract to him. I challenged him to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5 I did the same with Rhonda, a cashier at Walmart, who said that she hoped to go to heaven. I John 5:13 says "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." I had a good, short conversation with Deontae at McDonald's.

Saturday - This evening was a time of witnessing to two at a time! At Captain D's, I gave million dollar bills to two people behind the counter. As we went to Walmart for groceries, I gave tracts to two men as they were leaving. I gave tracts to a man and a woman who were leaving, also. When the woman looked at the million dollar bill, she said "Our church needs to five these out," Jose and Raul got a million dollar peso. Jose said that he was saved, but he was battling. I told him that i would pray for him. Reggie and Cornelius were buying beer. I asked them to think about eternal things. I talked with James who works in security. I had worked at the Vision Center when he worked atthe Photo Center over 11 years ago. He had got involved in the catholic church, but he told me he got out of it! We talked about the end times. Terrance and James were the last ones to get tracts this night. They were in line behind us.
As you can see, it's not that hard to talk to someone about the Lord. You just have to start a conversation with them. Mark Cahill said that sharing your faith is not a presentation. It's a conversation. There are so many opportunities awaiting us everyday! Have a good week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friday Night Witnessing

We had a great time Friday night, witnessing at Walmart and the Tsunami. We met around 9:30 at the Walmart parking lot. Bro. Garan, Bro. J.T., Bro. Gary, Bro. Tim, Bro. J.J., Simon, and I were there for the night. This was the first time for Bro. Tim to be with us. We started out by going into Walmart to pass out a few tracts, put tracts in beer cases, and have a few conversations. Bro. J.J. And Bro. J.T. started witnessing before we made it to the door. Bro. Tim and I spoke with Vanessa and Maurice. They said that they weren't saved. We prayed with them that the Lord would meet needs of the baby that they had with them. Eric said that he wasn't thinking about spiritual things. I asked him to read Romans 10 with his wife that night.
We went to the Rendezvous for a few minutes. They were not very busy. A few women came out and laughed when they saw the signs. I got excited when two Mormons rode by on their bikes. I was hoping thy they would come back to talk to us, but they didn't.
Tsunami was next! As soon as we got there, just about everyone got into a one on one. I talked with Zack who said that he was agnostic. We had a great talk. He was with one of the five bands that was playing. He also said that he was from Virginia. We talked fir about 15 minutes. Bro. J.T. talked with a man that was a youth leader at one time. Two members from  one band came out to talk with us. One said  that he was an ordained minister. He was really into his rock music. There was another man there that street preached a while back. He showed up to see what was going on. The conversation with them didn't go like we wanted it to.
I'm glad that they came out to talk with us!
This bar is where we get to talk to a lot of people. We are praying for more places to go. We've got to reach more for Jesus. Please continue to pray for us! Have a great witnessing week!

He that winneth souls is wise . Proverbs 11:30

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Week In Witnessing

Friday Night - Bro. J.J., Bro. J.T, and Bro. Simon went preaching and witnessing. This was the first time for Bro. Simon to go. He got to share his testimony with several. They preached and handed out tracts at Walmart first. they went to the Tsunami afterwards. They had some good conversations.

Sunday - After nursing home service, we stopped at Circle K. I gave a trillion dollar bill to the cashier whose name was Logan. He said that someone had gave him one about a month ago. On Monday, Bro. JJ told me that his mother had noticed that there was a man at the Circle K that seemed discouraged and thought it would be good good for us to talk with him. It was Logan.

Monday I stopped at a Shell station before work and gave a tract to Ronald. Please pray for Paul and Adam, two homeless men that I gave tracts to at Walmart on my way home. I talked with Matthew at the pharmacy, who got out of the Jehovah Witnesses when he was 18. His mother I still in this cult. I also gave tracts to Eric and Manuel.

Tuesday: I gave tracts to Terry and Brandon. After work , I was going into Walmart. I asked a man with long hair if he had got "one of these yet" as I offered him the Biggest Gamble tract. He took it and then, gave it back as I tried to talk with him. Rejected! As soon as I turned to go in, I offered a tract to a young man that was working the parking lot. His name was Clifford. He told me that he wasnt saved. We talked briefly before he had to go to the back of the store. I challenged him to read the tract and the Bible before he retired. For some reason I went to Walmart twice. On the outside , I gave a Biggest Gamble tract to Mr. Hollis who is from Sterlington. He was sitting there, waiting for his wife. I told him to give it someone that he thought might need it. I went into the store, passing out a few tracts. I noticed a man in Walmart that I wanted to witness to. When I was at the self-checkout, he was 2 people behind me . After I checked out, i asked him " "Did you get one of these yet?" He said that he did. I said "No. You're kidding!" He said that a man outside had gave him one. He pulled the card out of his pocket to show me! Mr. Hollis did give the tract to someone! Please pray for Kevin.

Wednesday: Before work, I went to a Kangaroo station out by the mall. I talked to a big man named Carl. He had to be at least 6'4". He said that he didn't know where he was going when he died. I gave a tract to him and his friend. I met Juan Flores at a Chevron station while he was getting gas. I have him a Spanish and an English He told me that God may have had me there to talk to him!
After work, I went to get gas at Walmart. While I was talking to Bro. J.T. on the phone, a woman approached me to ask I could help het with gas to get home. I followed her to the gas pumps to put $10 in their tank. Her daughter, Lashondra listened to me talk about faith and repentance while I pumped the gas. I prayed for them and the eight children that they had in the vehicle.
one! After dinner, my family and I went t o Walmart. I gave a tract to Preston as he was leaving the store. In the parking lot, we saw Clifford. He was glad to see me. He asked for more tracts. He said that he had 9 brothers and a praying mother. I pray that next time I see Clifford he tells me that he has been saved!

Thursday: I went inside the Taco Bell in West Monroe at lunch. I can witness to more people by not going through the drive-thru. I gave out 4 million dollar bill tracts. After work, I talked to Lamont and Esvaldo at a Circle K. They were selling car wax in a can. They told me that they worked for NASCAR and were from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They took a million each!

Friday: After work, I had to go to Walmart again. I spoke to Jermaine, Jeremy,Guy, and Johnny. Johnny was on the beer isle. He said that his wife was a Christian. I asked if he wanted to go to heaven with her. I challenged them to read the Bible together.
Guy said that he hoped to go to Heaven. I had Jeremy explain the ankh that he was wearing to me. I gave a tract to him and his mother. Jermaine was sitting in the foyer. I challenged him to read Romans 10 that night.

Saturday: We took our children to a fishing derby today. A man comes up to me and asked if I remembered him. I gave him a Mancard tract at Walmart in West Monroe several months ago. His name is Timothy. I was able to talk to him for about 10 mins. Please help me pray for him.

There are so many lost people out there that need someone to point them in the right direction. Most people that I have been talking to that aren't saved tell me that that have a Bible. They need to open it up and ask God to speak to them! Challenge them to read John or Romans. Ask then to read a certain verse pertaining to salvation in Jesus Christ. They need to be saved! They need to see real Christians that are passionate about their Savior and faith! Will you be one?

Friday, June 1, 2012

This Week in Witnessing

Memorial Day- I gave out 9 tracts out before work this am!! I had a divine appointment after work! I stopped at McDonald's to see a man that I have been witnnessing to. I gave a tract to a woman that walked in and then out! She didn't order anything! I went fishing on the river with family and friends. Also,I gave 5 trillions away at the park. One woman asked me to read it to them! I did! Then, I asked them where would they go if they died tonight. The one woman that asked me to read the tract said that that was a good question.
Tuesday- I went to a gas station that I usually don't go to. I gave the owner a trillion. I waited for a man to come out that was paying for gas. His name is Terrance. I took him through three commandments and challenged him to read the bible tonight. I gave million dollar pesos to Daniel and Mario after they cut the grass at a bank.Pray for Kindra who works at the drive-thru at Captain D's. She said that she didn't know where she was going when she dies. At Walmart I gave tracts to Isaiah, Oseal, Scott, Mindy Harold, Jason, and Erica. I also gave a tract to a man that had bought cigarettes at the gas pumps. At the Chevron, after prayer meeting, James told me that Jeremy needed a mancard. James gets me to give the new guy a mancard everytime!
Wednesday At lunch, I walked to the Now Save convenience store to pass out a few tracts. I gave 6 to some men that were in a van. I talked with Nick and Damon. I gave one to Chris and two other men at the Golden Pier Seafood restaurant. We ate at Chile Verde after work. I gave million dollar pesos to Olivia, Miguel, and another Spanish man. I left a trillion dollar bill for our waiter and gave one to the man that took customers to their seats. As we were leaving I gave a trillion to a man that was on the restaurant porch. He admitted that he was far from God. I gave out my last trillion to "T", a woman that works at the Dollar General.
Thursday - Before work this morning, I went to the NowSave near the I-20 in Monroe. I gave a Mancard to "Chief" as he was leaving the store. The woman serving breakfast got a "The Biggest Gamble". I gave two away while in line; one to Russell who said that he messed up a lot.
At lunch, I made my round in Super One. Quinton was sampling meat at the front. I asked him where would he go if he died today. Being sarcastic, he said purgatory. He told me that he was Church of Christ. I traded Joshua a tract for a sample of cheese! He told me that he was saved. Andrew, who was working with the fruit,was a Christian,too. He said that he wants to be a pastor. Another man said that he had been saved for three years. I slipped a few tracts into some cases of beer. Sleighton said that he was saved when I gave him a tract while leaving the store. After work, I stopped at the Walmart in West Monroe. I gave tracts to Laquita, Walter, and Alfredo. I offered a tract to one man who gave it back to me when he told me that he was catholic
Friday- I hit the NowSave again before work. I gave tracts to Jerry (who I saw there yesterday),
Neil, Anthony, and Darryl. I also gave tracts to two women who where eating inside. I only gave one tract out at lunch at the bank. As I was leaving, I asked a man if he was going to Heaven or hell. He said that he didn't know as I gave him a tract. While getting a Walmart gas card after work, I gave David a tract.
Do you see the need for evangelizing the lost? I have been stirred!!! Press on, soul-winners! Let's win souls!
Saturday - I had to work for a few hours in the morning, so I passes out 4 tracts at McDonald's. At Circle K, NIta told me that she hoped to go to Heaven when I asked her the question. I challenged her to make sure before she went to bed that night. After studying for Sunday School and Nursing Home service, I went to the Waffle House. I sat down by a young man when as I picked up the menu. He asked if I wanted to support him by buying one of his cds. I told him that I listened only to gospel music when he said that it was hip-hop. I asked him where he was going to spend eternity. He said that he was probably going to Heaven. Before I could mention the law, he was trying to justify himself.
Please pray that Michael's eyes will be opened! There are more souls to be witnessed to!