Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog Spotlight: As You Go

Some of you know that I am a guest blogger for the As You Go blog from Bezeugen Ministries @

I am thankful to Carl Kalbfleisch for inviting me to post there. The blog is designed to encourage Christians to place out tracts as they go everywhere. Lately, I have posted about the "Mistake" tract that is written by Tony Miano and the "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" tract that I've been putting on halloween displays. 

Carl has posted a few videos on places that he has put tracts. The tracts that are used are usually from the Bezeugen Tract club's monthly mailings. 

Please take the time to check out the blog for tips on placing out tracts. The places are endless! A lot of people do not know what a Gospel tract is because they have never seen one. Wouldn't it be great if you were to get one in someone's path to lead them to salvation?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Night At Walmart

I was able to give out several Man Card tracts tonight to Jimmy, Nick, and Wendell. Steve took a World Record Fishing tract. He said that his mother prays for him. I told him that one of her prayers caught up with him. I placed out the ones in the photos as we went through the store and at the gas pump.




Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners

I'd like to share this that I found while googling "Soul-winner blog". This is from

7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners
by LifeWay Resources

I interviewed eight Christians that are considered by their church, pastor, or Christian friends to be soul winners. I have attempted to discover some of their habits.

Habit 1: Soul Winners Are Prepared
They are spiritually prepared.
They walk closely with Christ and maintain a consistent devotional life.
They are active in their churches and are members in good standing.
They attend worship and Sunday school and study their Bibles regularly.
They are trained.
Soul winners have been trained in one or more gospel presentation strategies such as FAITH, Share Jesus Without Fear, GROW, or The NET.
They serve as trainers or mentors and model soul winning before others.
They have marked New Testaments and are able to express the central truths of the gospel in simple and understandable fashion.
They use tracts and other printed gospel materials to enhance their presentation.

Habit 2: Soul Winners Share Christ Anytime/Anywhere
Soul winners are open to share Christ
At the office
In a restaurant
On a plane
Over the phone
Anywhere the opportunity exists.

Habit 3: Soul Winners Are Adaptable in Their Presentation of the Gospel
Most do not rely on mechanical or canned gospel presentations. They each have developed their own particular style which:
Becomes personal and conversational
Uses their own language and illustrations
Each witnessing encounter will be unique and different.

Habit 4: Soul Winners See Their Interactions with Other People as Divine Appointments
They begin each day with a sense of expectation.
They feel a divine sense of mission.
They see themselves as instruments of God's grace to others.
They seek to make the most of their encounter with others by purposely initiating and leading the conversation into the spiritual area.

Habit 5: Soul Winners Do Not Worry About the Results
Soul winners realize that they cannot save anyone. People come to Christ only through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Habit 6: Soul Winners Are Involved in Church Evangelism Programs but Are Not Limited by Them
Soul winners are active in their local churches. Most are involved in their church's ongoing visitation and evangelism training programs. But they do not limit themselves to sharing Christ only during church-sponsored activities.
They see every moment of every day as an evangelistic opportunity.
Soul winners also seek to reproduce themselves in others. Most mentor or train others in evangelism programs.

Habit 7: Soul Winners Pray Consistently for Opportunities to Share Christ with Others
Soul winners pray for those with whom they have witnessed.
They pray for those with whom they have not yet witnessed.
They pray for divine appointments and witnessing opportunities.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Ronald Reagan Million Dollar Bill

This week I received my order of the Ronald Reagan million dollar bill from One Million Tracts. I put some in my pocket when I went to lunch at Podnuh's. The two men behind the counter received them after asking about the one in my pocket. Picking up an item at the Walmart pharmacy after work, Alicia made a comment about the "money" in my pocket. I explained that it had the million dollar question on the back. She said that she knew that she wasn't going to Heaven. I challenged her to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5 tonight. Audrey, her co-worker, took one, too. She also said that she wasn't ready for Heaven.
Can you see the fields that are ripe for harvest? Everyday we pass by multitudes that aren't saved! Everyday many die and go to an eternal place called hell! We talk with Christians that don't have a clue about sharing their faith! We have everything within our grasp to make us effective soul-winners! We have prayer, the Word of God, the power of the Holy Ghost, and Gospel tracts! Most of all, we have the Light of the world: Jesus Christ! What is holding you back, Christian friend? It's time to take that first step in evangelizing where you are! Ask God to make you a soul-winner!