Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Witnessing While Shopping

As we did Christmas shopping today, there were so many opportunities for leaving and giving out tracts. Most people won't reject a tract when you say "Merry Christmas"! A Hindu, a Muslim, and two homosexuals were among those who took tracts. 5 employees at Raising Canes and 4 at the Chinese restaurant took tracts, too. I gave tracts to every cashier where we made purchases (except at the Christian bookstore!). I made a warm-up challenge on the tract club Facebook page for next week's Christmas Eve Scavenger hunt. I did at least 6 of them.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Witnessing 2016

Its time to get those Christmas tracts going! There are 4 Christmas tracts and the Candy Cane bookmark in the Bezeugen Tract Club for December. I will be using these all month. I put a few out and gave some out this past week end. I also bought candy and ziplock bag at Dollar Tree to give out at different places like drive-thrus and stores. I usually put at least one tract in the bag. This can be done with decorated bags, also. How do you witness at Christmas? 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach Report - 2016

Carl and I had a great time sharing the Gospel at the State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach on Saturday. My son and Gary Lively came from Louisiana Jim Wolfe and Ash Price came from the Texarkana area. Craig come out to be with us, too. I met Keith Neds who witnesses with us. Students from the Gospel for Asia joined us in shifts throughout the day, helping us pass out over 5,000 tracts and taking people through the million dollar eye test. We had many conversations that had some thinking and some walk away when they found out we were talking about "religion". One woman told be that she was Jewish and walked away. A lesbian said that she was going to fly when I asked how she was going to Heaven. Maggie, Trey, and their friend listened to us as we took them through the law and explain the Gospel. Here are a few other names of those who I talked with: two young women named Hunter, Amber, Allison, DJ, Mer, and John. This is the 4th year that I have went to this outreach. Please pray the seeds that were planted.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

2nd Night of The Ark-La-Miss Fair Outreach

We had another good night of giving out tracts at the fair. We probably gave out around 600 again. Bro JJ, Bro Gary, Braylyn, Jacob, Steven, and myself were there for about an hour and a half. We used the Yolo tract, Bucket, List, Dodgeball, The Eye Test, Are You Ready If You Die Tonight?, Three Minutes To Live, Get Out Of Hell Free, and the Pre tract. The children liked the Dodgeball tract.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tract Display Ideas

Tract displays can be left at stores, laundry mats, and other places. I found two things at Dollar Tree that can be converted to tract holders for people to take from. The first one is a vanity organizer. This holds around 200 business card size tracts. The second one is a divided organizer which can contain over 200 tracts. I have displays at three convenience stores and three laundry mats. I usually fill them every two to three weeks. In witnessing, we run into people who have seen the tracts. Remember, ask for permission to leave your display. One store owner where I leave tracts is in the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Chain Breaker - Zach Williams


If you’ve been walking the same old road for miles and miles
If you’ve been hearing the same old voice tell the same old lies
If you’re trying to feel the same old holes inside
There’s a better life
There’s a better life

If you’ve got pain
He’s a pain taker
If you feel lost
He’s a way maker
If you need freedom or saving
He’s a prison-shaking Savior
If you’ve got chains
He’s a chain breaker

We’ve all search for the light of day in the dead of night
We’ve all found ourselves worn out from the same old fight
We’ve all run to things we know just ain’t right
And there’s a better life
There’s a better life

If you believe it
If you receive it
If you can feel it
Somebody testify

© 2016 Anthems of Hope (BMI) / Upside Down Under (BMI) / Be Essential Songs (BMI) / Not Just Another Song Publishing (SESAC) / So Essential Tunes (SESAC). All rights admin. by Essential Music Publishing LLC. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook Page

Follow the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook Page for daily challenges and daily scripture pictures!

The Ark-La-Miss Fair Outreach Report - Sept. 23, 2016



We a had a great time witnessing at the Ark-La-Miss fair last night. We gave out around 600 tracts in almost 2 hours. I only had two rejects. We gave out many Seinfeld million dollar bills. Some said "I thought you were giving away free money." Two lesbians took tracts. We also used the Yolo tract, Play By The Rules, Football Trivia, and several others. Please pray for fruit from this outreach. I Periscoped 4 times if you want to see a little of what happened last night. Search for the Bezeugen account on Periscope. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ark-La-Miss Fair Outreach - Sept. 22, 2016

Please pray for our outreach tonight at the Ark-La-Miss fair. We will be handing out tracts and aiming for many one on one conversations. We always have a great time witnessing at this event. We usually give out around 2000 tracts. There will be at least 6 of us there. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

4th Of July Fireworks - Crossett, Ark. - July 4th, 2016

I pray that everyone had a great Fourth Of July! My family and I spent the day with friends from church in Crossett, Ark. We went to their local fireworks around 8:30. We had a little time before they started, so I gave out 16 bookmarks and about 75 million dollar bills and tracts. What a great way to end the day!

4th of July Fireworks - Monroe, La - July 2, 2016

We had a great evening in the Louisiana heat at the Century Limk Firework display. 
We started around 7:00. Charles McGuire, Marshall Jones, Braylyn (my son), and I gave out roughly 1000 tracts. We used the Blessed Is The Nation tracts and bookmarks,  the Celebrate Freedom Tract, the Seinfield million, and a few others. We had several conversations. Marshall and Braylyn had a preacher pray with them. 
Bro. Charles talked with several firefighters. He retired from the Monroe Fire Dept.  He was wearing his Vietnam Veterans hat, which prompted several people to thank him for his service. He gave out several million dollar bills to children. One group of them asked for more tracts. Mostly everyone took tracts with only a few rejects. I gave out 1 Spanish bookmark. I gave the new Thank You tract to 5 police officers.  2 gay women took tracts. One of the high lights was when I talked with Charles. The was Marshall's first time to be at a big event with us. He just got back from a mission trip to Germany. Please pray for the seeds that were planted!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

If You Want To Walk On Water - A Message By Carl Kalbfleish On Evangelsm

"On November 11, 2015 I spoke at Rockwall Bible Church and presented this message. I hope you will be encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and share the Gospel."  - Carl


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tract Handing 101 - From The Word Street Journal

There can be no easier means of giving the gospel to people than handing out gospel tracts to them. The tract does the preaching for the giver.

 Wherever crowds gather, there you will find hundreds of willing recipients. It's a great way for newcomers to street evangelism to "break the ice", so to speak. 

So if you are new to the idea (command) of sharing your faith, no matter how long you have been a Christian, and you have not had the privilege and joy of handing out gospel tracts out before, watch this short video and see how easy it can be.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Street Ministry - June 10, 2016

We went out on street ministry tonight to a club where we've been wanting to go (Live Oaks). The other bar where we preached at closed down a while back. Other street preachers have been going there. Fortunately, they weren't there tonight. The was the first time for Bro. Marshall Jones to go out with us. He made the sign in the picture. We got to talk with several people, giving out tracts. Two homeless men took tracts. One named Leroy told us about his friend who was killed at the Salvation Army today. Leroy said that he was in hell. I got a tract in the hand of DJ, who owns a new bar called Neat (right beside Live Oaks. Marshall held up his sign most of the two hours that we were there. Michael Jordan, a taxi cab driver, held the sign for a few minutes. Bro. Charles and Bro. Marshall talked with several men, including Edwin. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tract Roledex From Bezeugen

Over the years Bezeugen Ministries has designed over 100 Gospel tracts. These tracts are 2016-04-27 19.44.18made available for FREE through the Bezeugen Tract Club. Some designs, like the Thank You tract, fit many occasions. Others are specifically designed for holidays, sporting events, or particular people groups. How are you supposed to keep them all organized so that you have the right tract at just the right time?

Introducing the Tract Rolodex from Bezeugen. Holds over 100 tracts. Includes extra tracts to restock it. And it comes stocked with a collection of over FIFTY tract designs from Bezeugen Ministries. Never before has it been possible to get such a broad selection of Bezeugen Tract Club tracts at one time!

The Tract Rolodex and tracts will be shipped to you as our gift to you for a minimum donation of $50 or more to Bezeugen Ministries. Ships to United States addresses. While supplies last!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Marshall's New Street Sign

Marshall, my friend from church, made a new street sign out of an old rusty door. Read about it on his blog, Shining The Light To People's Lives

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lunch Time Witnessing - May 12, 2016

I worked in Ruston again today. At lunch, I gave out 2 Thank You tracts at the Wendy's drive-thru. Having to get laundry soap and water, I gave out 4 Yolo tracts, 2 Thank You tracts, 2 MyCard tracts, & 1 Camo Card at Super One. I stopped at a coffee shop that I've wanted to try out. I gave a million dollar bill to 2 employees and 1 customer. I also left a few Yolo tracts on a table. 

Wednesday Night Witnessing

After work, I stopped at Taco Bell to get dinner for my three children. Lakimberly, the cashier, took the Yolo tract. When I told her that it was a Gospel tract, she said "I need this. I'm going to read it on my break." While my wife grocery shopped at Walmart, I gave out several tracts and talked to a few people. I talked with Lance, who is a tattoo artist. When he saw the Yolo tract, he said that he got one at the Mardi Gras parade two years ago. He was with his girlfriend, Danielle. Jason said that he hoped to go to Heaven when I gave him the Yolo tract. In the back of the store on the grocery store, I talked with Sean when I gave him the iPhone tract. I asked him if he was military. He said that he was. I asked if he went to church. He said that he does his own thing. I gave him a million dollar bill, also. I met Joe, who was wearing a Vietnam veteran hat. He said that his mother told him that God was going to bring him home. He wasn't saved when he went to Vietnam, but he is now. Another Joe said that he had got a Camo Card tract at the gas pumps before. He said that he was a believer. Mike and Juan took Yolo tracts in the meat section. Glen and Malek took Yolo tracts. Glen said that he is going to the skating rink when he dies. Duke took a Yolo tract when he was looking at the sport drinks. Makela, the cashier, and Malcolm, took the Human Heart tract. 2 others took the Yolo tract as they were going in.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Carnival In Monroe - April 30, 2016

We went to a small carnival this evening to give out tracts and have conversations. We gave out around 75 tracts. The young man in the photo is "Bossman Jay", a rapper, who is a preacher's son. Marshall gave him the Are You A Good Person? tract. We talked to twins, Cody and Cory. I gave Cory a Yolo tract. He believes in God, but doesn't attend church. Cody, who was working the booth by Cory, is an atheist. He took the MyCard tract. I had one reject by a man working the water gun booth. He took the tract, looked at it, and gave it back. Tyrone said that he studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses. He wasn't one, but believes that they are the closest to the Bible. He took a tract. Samuel took a Yolo tract at one of the food booths. Marshall gave a tract to Mike. He recognized me from when I gave one to him at Walmart.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Story of The Human Heart Tract

Last year the Cancer Awareness tract became very popular as a way to share the Gospel due to the number of people who are dealing with cancer either personally or someone they know. Cancer is actually the number 2 killer of Americans (not counting abortion). Heart disease is number one.

For these reasons we hope and pray that people will connect with The Human Heart tract and it will be used powerfully to reach them with the Gospel. Perhaps you know someone with heart disease or who has been impacted by it. This tract might get their attention to consider spiritual things!

The Story Of The MyCard Tract

First was naughty or nice. Then the Good Card. Next came Are You a Good Person in English and Spanish followed by the Are You Lucky tract. Now along those same lines, here is the MyCard!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Use Of Tracts

The Use of Tracts

By R. A. Torrey

R. A. Torrey (1856-1928) was a Congregational evangelist, teacher, author, born in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was educated in Yale University and Divinity School. After a period of skepticism he trusted in Jesus Christ as Saviour. Soon after he pastored in Ohio and then in Minnesota. In 1889 Dwight L. Moody called Torrey to Chicago to become the superintendent of the school which became known as the Moody Bible Institute. He also served as pastor of the Chicago Avenue Church, now the Moody Memorial Church, for twelve years. Between 1902-1906 Torrey and Charles Alexander conducted a very fruitful evangelistic outreach in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Britain, Germany, Canada, and the USA. From 1912-1924 Torrey was dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles during which he pastored the Church of the Open Door. His remaining years involved holding Bible conferences, teaching at the Moody Bible Institute, and other endevours. (Adapted from "The Wycliffe Biographical Dictionary of the Church, Elgin S. Moyer, Moody Press, 1982)

The following is from Torrey's larger work, "Methods of Christian Work " (Chapter 5, pages 213-221):

Comparatively few Christians realize the importance of tract work. I had been a Christian a good many years, and a minister of the Gospel several years, before it ever entered my head that tracts were of much value in Christian work. I had somehow grown up with the notion that tracts were all rubbish, and therefore I did not take the trouble to read them, and far less did I take the trouble to circulate them, but I found out that I was entirely wrong. Tract work has some great advantages over other forms of Christian work.

I. Importance and advantages.

1. Any person can do it. We cannot all preach; we cannot all conduct meetings; but we can all select useful tracts and then hand them out to others. Of course some of us can do it better than others. Even a blind man or a dumb man can do tract work. It is a line of work in which every man, woman and child can engage.

2. A tract always sticks to the point. I wish every worker did that, but how often we get to talking to some one and he is smart enough to get us off on to a side track.

3. A tract never loses its temper. Perhaps you sometimes do. I have known Christian workers, even workers of experience, who would sometimes get all stirred up, but you cannot stir up a tract It always remains as calm as a June morning.

4. Oftentimes people who are too proud to be talked with, will read a tract when no one is looking. There is many a man who would repulse you if you tried to speak to him about his soul, who will read a tract if you leave it on his table, or in some other place where he comes upon it accidentally, and that tract may be used for his salvation.

5. A tract stays by one. You talk to a man and then he goes away, but the tract stays with him. Some years ago a man came into a mission in New York. One of the workers tried to talk with him, but he would not listen. As he was leaving, a card tract was placed in his hands which read, "If I should die to-night I would go to ______ Please fill out and sign." He put it in his pocket, went to his steamer, for he was a sailor, and slipped it into the edge of his bunk. The steamer started for Liverpool. On his voyage he met with an accident, and was laid aside in his bunk. That card stared him in the face, day and night. Finally he said, "If I should die tonight I would go to hell, but I will not go there, I will go to heaven, I will take Christ right here and now." He went to Liverpool, returned to New York, went to the mission, told his story, and had the card, which was still in his pocket, filled out and signed with his name. The conversation he had had in the mission left him, but the card stayed by him.

6. Tracts lead many to accept Christ. The author of one tract ("What is it to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?") received before his death upwards of sixteen hundred letters from people who had been led to Christ by reading it.

II. Purposes for which to use a tract.

1. For the conversion of the unsaved. A tract will often succeed in winning a man to Christ where a sermon or a personal conversation has failed. There are a great many people who, if you try to talk with them, will put you off; but if you put a tract in their hands and ask God to bless it, after they go away and are alone they will read the tract and God will carry it home to their hearts by the power of the Holy Ghost. One of our students wrote me in great joy of how he had at last succeeded in winning a whole family for Christ. He had been working for that family for a long time but could not touch them. One day he left a tract with them, and God used that tract for the conversion of four or five members of the family. Another student held a cottage meeting at a home, and by mistake left his Bible there. There was a tract in the Bible. When he had gone, the woman of the house saw the Bible, picked it up, opened it, saw the tract and read it. The Spirit of God carried it home to her heart, and when he went back after the Bible she told him she wanted to find the Lord Jesus Christ. The tract had done what he could not do in personal work. I once received a letter from a man saying, "There is a man in this place whom I tried for a long time to reach but could not. One day I handed him a tract, and I think it was to the salvation of his whole family.

2. To lead Christians into a deeper and more earnest Christian life. It is a great mistake to limit the use of tracts to winning the unsaved to Christ. A little tract on the Second Coming of Christ, once sent me in a letter, made a change in my whole life. I do not think the tract was altogether correct doctrinally, but it had in it an important truth, and it did for me just the work that needed to be done.

There is a special class of people with whom this form of ministry is particularly helpful, those who live where they do not enjoy spiritual advantages. You may know some one who is leading a very unsatisfactory life, and you long to have that person know what the Christian life really means. His pastor may not be a spiritual man, he may not know the deep things of God. It is the simplest thing in the world to slip into a letter a tract that will lead him into an entirely new Christian life.

3. To correct error. This is a very necessary form of work in the day in which we live. The air is full of error. In our personal work we have not always time to lead a man out of his error, but oftentimes we can give him a tract that can do the work better than we can. If you tried to lead him out of his error by personal work, you might get into a discussion, but the tract cannot. The one in error cannot talk back to the tract. For example, take people that are in error on the question of seventh day observance. It might take some time to lead such a one out of the darkness into the light, but a tract on that subject can be secured that has been used of God to lead many out of the bondage of legalism into the glorious liberty of the Gospel of Christ.

4. To set Christians to work. Our churches are full of members who are doing nothing. A well-chosen tract may set such to work. I know of a young man who was working in a factory in Massachusetts. He was a plain, uneducated sort of fellow, but a little tract on personal work was placed in his hands. He read it and re-read it, and said, "I am not doing what I should for Christ." He went to work among his companions in the factory, inviting them to the church, and to hear his pastor preach. Not satisfied with this, he went to doing personal work. This was not sufficient, so he went to work holding meetings himself. Finally he brought a convention to his city. Just that one plain factory man was the means of getting a great convention and blessing to that place, and all from reading that little tract. He was also instrumental in organizing a society which was greatly blessed of God. It would be possible to fill this country with literature on Christian work that would stir up the dead and sleeping professors of religion throughout the land, and send them out to work for the Lord Jesus Christ

III. Who should use tracts.

1. Ministers of the Gospel should use them. Many ministers do make constant use of them in their pastoral work, leaving well chosen tracts where they make their pastoral calls, handing out tracts along the line of the sermons that they preach. It is said of Rev. Edward Judson of New York, that he seldom makes a call without having in his pocket a selection of tracts adapted to almost every member of the family, and especially to the children. "At the close of the Sunday evening preaching service, he has often put some good brother in the chair, and while the meeting proceeds he goes down into the audience and gives to each person a choice leaflet, at the same time taking the opportunity to say a timely word. In this way he comes into personal touch with the whole audience, gives each stranger a cordial welcome, and leaves in his hand some message from God. At least once a year he selects some one tract that has in it the very core of the Gospel. On this he prints the notices of the services, and selecting his church as a center, he has this tract put in the hands of every person living within half a mile in each direction, regardless of creed or condition. He sometimes uses 10,000 tracts at one distribution, and finds it very fruitful in results."

2. Sunday School teachers. Every Sunday School teacher should be on the lookout for tracts to give to his scholars. In this way he can do much to supplement his hour's work on the Lord's Day.

3. Traveling men. Traveling men have a rare opportunity for doing tract work. They are constantly coming in contact with different men, and finding out their needs. A Christian "drummer" with a well-assorted selection of tracts can accomplish immeasurable good.

4. Business men. Business men can use tracts to good advantage with the very men with whom they have business engagements. They can also do excellent work with their own employees. Many a business man slips well chosen tracts into many of the letters which he writes, and thus accomplishes an effective ministry for his Master.

5. School teachers. It is very difficult for school teachers in some cities and towns to talk very much with their pupils in school. Oftentimes the rules of the school board prevent it entirely, but a wise teacher can learn all about her scholars and their home surroundings, and can give them tracts just adapted to their needs.

6. Housekeepers. Every Christian housekeeper should have a collection of well assorted tracts. She can hand these out to the servant girls, the grocery men, the market men, the butcher, to the tramps that come to the door. They can be left upon the table in the parlor and in bedrooms. Only eternity will disclose the good that is accomplished in these ways.

IV. How to use tracts.

1. To begin a conversation. One of the difficulties in Christian work is to begin. You see a person with whom you wish to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ. The great difficulty is in starting. It is easy enough to talk after you have started, but how are you going to start a conversation naturally and easily? One of the simplest and easiest ways is by slipping a tract into the person's hand. After the tract has been read, a conversation naturally follows. I was once riding in a crowded car. I asked God for an opportunity to lead some one to Christ. I was watching for the opportunity for which I had asked, when two young ladies entered. I thought I knew one of them as the daughter of a minister. She went through the car looking for a seat, and then came back. As she came back and sat down in the seat in front of me, she bowed, and of course I knew I was right as to who she was. I took out a little bundle of tracts, and selecting one that seemed best adapted to her case, I handed it to her, having first asked God to bless it. She at once began to read and I began to pray. When she had read the tract, I asked her what she thought about it. She almost burst into tears right there in the car, and in a very few moments that minister's daughter was rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. As she afterwards passed out of the car, she said, "I want to thank you for what you have done for me in leading me to Christ."

2. Use a tract to close a conversation. As a rule when you have finished talking with some one, you should not leave him without something definite to take home to read. If the person has accepted Christ, put some tract in his hands that will show him how to succeed in the Christian life. If the person has not accepted Christ, some other tract that is especially adapted to his need should be left with him.

3. Use tracts where a conversation is impossible. For example, one night at the close of a tent meeting in Chicago, as I went down one of the aisles a man beckoned to me, and intimated that his wife was interested. She was in tears, and I tried to talk with her, but she stammered out in a broken way, "We don't talk English." She had not understood a word of the sermon, I suppose, but God had carried something home to her heart. They were Norwegians, and I could not find a Norwegian in the whole tent to act as interpreter, but I could put a Norwegian tract in her hand, and that could do the work. Time and time again I have met with men deeply interested about their soul's salvation, but with whom I could not deal because I did not talk the language that they understood.

One day as I came from dinner, I found a Swede waiting for me, and he said he had a man outside with whom he wished me to talk. I went outside and found an uncouth looking specimen, a Norwegian. The Swede had found him drunk in an alley and dragged him down to the Institute to talk with me. He was still full of whisky, and spit tobacco juice over me as I tried to talk with him. I found he could not talk English, and I talked English to the Swede, and the Swede talked Swedish to the Norwegian, and the Norwegian got a little bit of it. I made it as clear as I could to our Swede interpreter, and he in his turn made it as clear as he could to the Norwegian. Then I put a Norwegian tract in his hands, and that could talk to him so that he understood perfectly.

Oftentimes a conversation is impossible because of the place where you meet people. For example, you may be on the street cars and wish to speak to a man, but in many instances it would not be wise if it were possible, but you can take the man's measure and then give him a tract that will fit him. You may be able to say just a few words to him and then put the tract in his hands and ask God to bless it.

4. Use tracts to send to people at a distance. It does not cost a tract much to travel. You can send them to the ends of the earth for a few cents. Especially use them to send to people who live in out of the way places where there is no preaching. There are thousands of people living in different sections of this country where they do not hear preaching from one year's end to another. It would be impossible to send an evangelical preacher to them, but you can send a tract and it will do the preaching for you.

V. Suggestions as to the use of tracts.

1. Always read the tracts yourself before giving them to others. This is very necessary. Bad tracts abound to-day, tracts that contain absolutely pernicious doctrine. They are being circulated free by the million, and one needs to be on his guard, lest he be doing harm rather than good in distributing tracts. Of course we cannot read all the tracts in foreign languages, but we can have them interpreted to us, and it is wise to do so. Besides positively bad tracts, there are many tracts that are worthless.

2. Suit your tract to the person to whom you give it. What is good for one person may not be good for another.

3. Carry a selection of tracts with you. I do not say a collection, but a selection. Tracts are countless in number, and a large share of them are worthless. Select the best, and arrange them for the different classes of people with whom you come in contact.

4. Seek the guidance of God. This is of the very highest importance. If there is any place where we need wisdom from above, it is in the selection of tracts, and in their distribution after their selection.

5. Seek God's blessing upon the tract after you have given it out. Do not merely give out the tract and there let the matter rest, but whenever you give out a tract ask God to bless it.

6. Oftentimes give a man a tract with words and sentences underscored. Men are curious, and they will take particular notice of the underscoring. It is oftentimes a good thing to have a tract put up in your office. Men who come in will read it. I know a man who had a few words put upon his paper weight. A great many who came into his office saw it, and it made a deep impression upon them.

7. Never be ashamed of distributing tracts. Many people hand out tracts to others as if they were ashamed of what they were doing. People are not likely to read tracts if you hand them to them as if you were ashamed to do it; but if you act as though you were conferring a favor upon them, and giving them something worth reading, they will read your tract. It is often well to say to a person, "Here is a little leaflet out of which I have gotten a good deal of good. I would like to have you read it."

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gospel Tract Testimony

Tracts Never Die

Just before a young man was about to embark from the United States as a marine, a woman put in his trunk a single tract. It lay in his trunk neglected for many months traveling thousands of miles in the world's waterways. Returning to this country years later, he was doing shore duty when he found the tract while rummaging through his trunk. To pass the time he read it. His conscience became aroused until he finally accepted Christ as Saviour.

Unlike a sermon, the message of a tract can be printed over and over again into millions of copies and the Word of Life can reach the far corners of the earth. When you give out a tract, you may never know how the Lord may use it. It may pass from hand to hand. It may go around the world. Its message may bring life to countless souls. Tracts never die... and every Christian has the privilege and responsibility

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter! - 2016

I pray that everyone had a great Easter Sunday! I was baptized 23 years ago on Easter Sunday. It was also my birthday, April 11. I now share that birthday with my wife, Darnell. He died so that we could live! He lives so that we don't have to die eternally in hell! Happy Easter!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Is Coming!

The Story Of The Hoppy Easter Tract

From The Bezeugen Tract Blog

Seems like every year at Easter time there is a long line at every mall to see the Easter Bunny. It is as if people think that the Easter Bunny is what Easter is actually about. My friend and I often have joked about this in the past saying that we should wish people “Hoppy Easter.” The last couple years we talked about how it would make a good Gospel tract. This year, I decided to make the tract. Amazingly when I searched online on google for “hoppy easter” I found the image that we ended up using on the tract and it even said “Hoppy Easter” on it. The picture was royalty free, so we decided to use it for the tract.

Here is a good story that you can use to talk to people about Easter. The best egg is an empty egg! You see when people do Easter egg hunts, they often put candy, money or toys inside the eggs. The kids love to find these and gather what is inside. However, when the egg is empty, it reminds us that the tomb was empty on Easter Sunday as well. That is the message of Easter. An empty tomb because He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

So many need to here about the hope that we have in Jesus. He died so that we can live. He took our sin on the cross and paid our fine! When witnessing sometimes, I like using this illustration from Ray Comfort's "Hell's Best Kept Secret": 

 “On the way to this meeting, the law clocked you at going 55 miles an hour through an area set aside for a blind children’s convention. There were ten clear warning signs stating that fifteen miles an hour was the maximum speed, but you went straight through at 55 miles an hour. What you did was extremely dangerous; there’s a $25,000 fine. The law was about to take its course, when someone you don’t even know stepped in and paid the fine for you. You are very fortunate.”

Wouldn't you be thankful that that person paid your fine? That's what Jesus did! We broke all of the Ten Commandments, but Jesus took our place so that we wouldn't have to go to hell!  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Are You Lucky?

The Are You Lucky? tracts are great for St. Patrick's Day. I gave a stack to Starbucks employee at the window to give out to his co-workers today. These are good conversation starters. I say "Here's a Gospel tract for St. Patrick's Day". Everyone has took one. They are good to leave on St. Patrick's Day displays or in the greeting card section of a store. There are parades taking place where some are giving these out. Unfortunately there is not a St. Patrick's Day parade around here! Take advantage of witnessing opportunities for 
this day! 
(These tracts can be ordered through

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Calling All Who Have Committed To Share The Gospel Everyday!

August was the last time we  did an Everyday Club report. We are excited to bring it back to the As You Go blog and invite people to comment about their experiences in sharing the gospel at the end of every month. We now have the  Everyday Club Facebook Page   So, you can interact with the club here and there!  You can set goals on how often you want to share your faith and let us know if you reach those goals at the end of the month. If you are not in the Bezeugen Tract club, click here to receive 30 free gospel tracts every month. To be in the Everyday Club, the minimal requirement is to commit to giving out at least one tract a day. If you have ever commented here before, please let us know how you have been doing in sharing your faith for the last few months. If you are new to the Everyday Club, let us know who you are. Read about how the Everyday Club began here

The next posting will be at the beginning of March! Blessings as you share your faith.... As You Go!