Friday, June 30, 2017

Witnessing - June 30, 2017

One the way home tonight, I hit the Neighborhood Walmart's RedBox with the Blessed Is The Nation tract. As I was going in, a man getting a buggy took the May The Lord Be With You tract. Jordan and Angela, two employees took the Uncle Sam million. Jordan SOSs "This looks real!" Angela asked if I had got it from the boat.

Witnessing - June 28 And 29, 2017

McDonald's employees and customers took the Minion million at lunch yesterday. I met yesterday's #DailyTractChallenge by taking tracts into jail service. After service, a man wearing an orange shirt  took a tract as he was leaving. Today, I gave the May The Lord Be With You tract to a man who works for Coca Cola at Super One. Mike and Theus took patriotic tracts at Central Station where I got gas.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Witnessing - June 27, 2017

At lunch, I gave a May The Lord Be With You tract to man sitting in a work truck in the Taco Bell parking lot. There is a movie being filmed at the Monroe Civic Center where they asked for

people to come out to be extras in the crowd. I went there when I did a few errands after work. There were a few people still going in. I gave out around 40 Uncle Sam and Minion millions. I would say "Here's a million dollar bill to make you feel like a million dollars in front of the camera!" One family walked out of their way, thinking that I was part of what was going on. Another man asked, "Do you have something I need?" He took one, also.

New Tract Display

I bought a letter/bill holder at a thrift store for ninety nine cents. I placed it at the laundry mat that I manage last night. It has a great assortment of tracts! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Witnessing - June 26, 2017

The drive-thru worker at Wendy's took the May The Lord Be With You tract today. After work, Janeria and Jeremiah were walking past the store. I stopped at the car wash to give them the Uncle Sam million. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Witnessing - June 25, 2017

After nursing home service today, I gave out several patriotic bookmarks to some of the residents. I also left a stack at the front desk.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Witnessing - June 24, 2017

My youngest son and I did a two tract challenge at Fred's and Dollar General in our search for pancake mix. At Dollar General, he placed out the How To Get To Heaven list tract and I gave one out. At Fred's, he placed out a texting tract and I gave one to Josh, who is the Vice President for a biker group called Los Solitarios. .

Two employees at Brookshire's took a Uncle Sam tract when we got water today. Picking up prescriptions for my wife at Walmart, a man and an employee (Leno) took a May The Lord Be With You tract. The cashier at Super One took a May The Lord Be With You tract. On the way back home, my wife called to say that she needed cream cheese. At Brookshire's again, I gave a Uncle Sam tract to Donald. He asked if it was from a church. He said that he had just moved here from Dallas. I gave him MyCard and directions to our church. At Circle K, I gave a woman the Minion Million. A man took the Seinfeld Million. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Witnessing - June 23, 2017

After work, Jose took the Spanish yolo tract when he was leaving. I met today's #DailyTractChallenge at Walmart tonight. Justin, Ashia, and another employee took tracts. At Wendy's, the cashier took an Uncle Sam million. When paying at Jade Garden, I gave the cashier 6 Minion millions for her and her coworkers. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Witnessing - June 22, 2017

 The cashier at McDonald's took the Yolo tract on lunch I gave out 4 of the Are You A Good Minion? tracts at Walmart after work. Michael and Jack took the Uncle Sam million at Sonic. Two other men took the Seinfeld million.

Interview With Willie Needham From Set The Captives Free Ministry

Willie Needham from Set The Captives Free Ministries interviewed me for his blog. We discuss the use of Gospel tracts, Bezeugen Ministries, and my testimony.

Witnessing - June 21, 2017

I gave out two of the May The Lord Be With You tracts at the Walmart pumps. A woman took one at LittleCaesar's Pizza, also. I left tracts at Circle K's pump, too. 

Witnessing - June 20, 2017

I left out 3 tracts at El Chile Verde restaurant. They have a business card holder where I left the one in the photo. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Witnessing — June 19, 2017

I gave out a handful of Blessed Is The Nation and Uncle Sam tracts at the Greyhound Bus stop before work this morning. I stopped at a bingo hall to give out two Uncle Sam millions to Ed and a woman at lunch. I left a few of them also at a liquor store when paying the electric bill for the church.I had a great mission trip to Walmart after work. I gave 6 Spanish men the Spanish Yolo tract, including Carlos and Miguel. I also gave out 4 May The Lord Be With You tracts. A woman recognized me from the store in the parking lot. I gave a handful of tracts to her and her husband. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Witnessing - June 18, 2017

After church, we went to Taco Bell. I gave the Uncle Samthat she goes to church. I met the #DailyTractChallenge at Dollar General.

Witnessing - June 17, 2017

I left several tracts on 4th of July displays at Walmart and Dollar Tree yesterday. My son, Hayden, helped place tracts in Walmart. We also hit the beer cases. I gave 3 men the Seinfeld million at the front entrance. Several took the Uncle Sam million inside. At a local thrift store, I left tracts in business card holders that were for sale. The cashier, who was wearing a Chewbacca shirt, took a May The Lord Be With You tract. The cashier and a customer took the Uncle Sam million at Burger King. I also left a tract in a pop on the table. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Witnessing - June 16, 2017

I met today's #DailyTractChallenge at Super One when giving 3 May The Lord Be With You tracts to a family at Super One. One man took an Uncle Sam million at Walmart. At Circle K, the cashier (who I gave a tract to yesterday), bought my fountain drink. I gave a May The Lord Be With You tract to the man behind me.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Witnessing - June 15, 2017

I met today's #DailyTractChallenge when I gave out two tracts at Super One on lunch. I gave a Uncle Sam million to a man getting gas at Walmart. I also hit the gas pump. At Walmart, I gave a man the Uncle Sam tract. At Circle K, Jeremy and Calvin took the Uncle Sam million.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Witnessing - June 14, 2016

I had 3 good witnessing experiences today. At work this morning, our trash gets picked up on Wednesday. When I was walking into the parking lot, I moved the empty can to it's place. Later on, I looked outside and someone had moved the can back to the road! So, I go to retrieve it again and see a man on a bike coming in my direction. I reached for my tract holder and pulled out a It's 2:00 tract. When he got to me, I said "Slip you a Gospel tract?" When he reached out his hand, he took the tract without stopping. He was looking at it as he was riding.
At lunch, I went into McDonald's. Joshua was waiting in line when he took the May The Lord Be With You tract. He said that he was raised in church and had a brother named Emmanuel. At Walmart this evening, Rick was behind me in line with a bottle of Rum. I asked if he wanted to go ahead of me. He said that he had plenty of time because was going back to an empty house. I gave him the Uncle Sam million and explained that it was a Gospel tract. He put the bottle of Rum behind his back as he said that he wasn't doing too good. I gave him MyCard and told him to call if he ever wanted to talk about spiritual things.