Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monday Witnessing - November 16, 2015

After work: I went to the neighborhood Walmart to pick up something for my wife at the pharmacy. I gave a Give Thanks tract (leftover from last year's tract club) to a man in the parking lot. I left one at the Redbox. Farren, who was working in the pharmacy took one along with two for her co-workers. Jose took the Spanish Yolo tract. He said that he wasn't a Christian. At the Super Walmart, I gave 4 Spanish Yolo tracts to men at the produce section. I spoke with two who said that they were not Christians. In the foyer, John took the May The Lord Be With You tract. Outside, Craig took the Bucket List tract. He said that he didn't know where he was going when he died. I urged him to read the tract and and told him that we were all headed toward the judgement.

There are people everywhere who need the Lord. Don't let opportunities go by. Be prepared to share your faith at all times!

Mark Cahill Quotes - Rescue The Perishing!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday Witnessing -November 14, 2015

I met both #DailyTractChallenges for today. One was to give out 14 tracts in honor of Carl's birthday. At Goodwill, I gave Yolo tracts to 3 who were with a Georgia ladies volleyball team. I gave a tract to a man wearing camo at Walmart. Two Spanish men took Yolo tracts when we went in. I gave out a few Football Trivia tracts, one to a man wearing a Washington Redskins jacket. Ralph took a Spanish Yolo tract. He thought that he had seen me somewhere. He said that his wife was a Christian. He had been going to church with her for the last month. A Hindu man took the May The Lord Be With You tract when we were at the checkout. Kimple took the Eternity:Where? tract at Super One when I asked him if he had plans for eternity. He said that he didn't. At Taco Bell, the cashier took the Thank You tract.