Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gospel Tract Spotlight

Gospel tracts are a great way to witness. Some people may read a tract before they will listen to a Christian. I have been giving out tracts ever since I have been saved. It is a very healthy addiction ! Not only can you hand them out, but you can put them in many places to speak to someone who needs the Lord Jesus Christ. I have made a few tract holders and placed them at a couple of laundry mats. ( We highly recommend removing Jehovah's Witness material and replacing them with great Gospel tracts in laundry mats ! ) Pay phone booths are ideal, but it seems that they are becoming extinct. There are still a few at Walmart. I like to put one on a newspaper stand. People can get the Good News while they are getting the news ! Pray that the Lord will lead you where to place them. Some places that you should not place them are mail boxes ( It is against the law. ) and any place of business that enforces a law that prohibits from solicitation, like a mall or private owned property.
The tracts in the picture are from Gospel Nuggets, Inc. In West Monroe, Louisiana, which is overseen by Bro. Huey Diffey and his wife. They send tracts and literature in many languages all over the world. Their most popular tract is probably " Has Your Account Been Settled ? " Bro. Diffey has wrote most of their tracts. His friend, the late A.J. Ogden, wrote " Heaven And How To Get There " . Bro. Diffey told me that he was a great soul-winner, leading a nurse to the Lord when he was about to enter into Heaven ! What a way to go !
The web site for Gospel Nuggets, Inc. is or you can write @ Gospel Nuggets, Inc.
6241 Jonesboro Rd.
West Monroe, La.
USA. 71292 -0369
When ordering, please send a donation to cover printing, shipping, and handling.
We use Gospel tracts. Do you ? God bless !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunchtime Crunch !

Bro. J.J. and I met at Walmart today at lunch. He preached while I held the cross.
We heard that another group of people were preaching at Walmart last Friday night. There is a couple that preach there every once in a while. Maybe it was them or maybe another group of Christians with a desire to street preach. Thanks for stopping in !

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Street Cross

We have been inspired to make a cross for the street ministry. Please check out The Word Street Journal
channel on YouTube. Paul Latour makes crosses for their street ministry. He has a video showing how to make them. The other videos on this channel are inspiring and encouraging.
We made this one this past weekend. It's a little larger than the ones you can see on The Word Street Journal. We are going to make a few of the smaller ones. I held this one on the corner of Louisville and Lamy Lane for about 20 minutes today. God bless !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Territory

Bro J.J. and Bro. Day went to Bastrop today to preach at Walmart. This is the first time for this location. Bastrop is about 12 miles north of Sterlington and 23 miles north of Monroe. Bro. J.J. said that it went well. He preached while Bro. Day held the signs. Thank the Lord for more open doors ! We are praying that the Lord will continue to direct us to where we need to go.
We are thankful for the friends that we have met through YouTube. We may not have any fellow street preachers in our area, but we have found many across the country and in the world. We would like to say thanks to everyone who has read and is following this blog. We pray that we are encouraging many in the mission of soul-winning. What a Wonderful Savior we serve ! May He continue to bless our efforts ! God bless !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Street Preaching - June 17

We started the night off by going to Walmart for a little time of preaching. One man asked " Why Walmart ? " The reason that we do this is that there are many people who go to Walmart , especially on a weekend night . Also, there are many driving by on the road. We also hold up signs, too. We see this as an opportunity to reach someone with the Gospel. Street preachers like to go where there is a good crowd of people. We had a few stop to listen.  Before we started, we talked to a man that I knew. We pray that we encouraged him. 

We reached the bars around 11:00. We got there right before it picked up. We ran into several " Christians " . Many profess , but they don't really understand what it means to be a true Christian . Bro. J.J. talked to one young man who said that he was a Christian , but he was still in love with the world. We talked to another young man who was there the first night that we preached there. As before, he told us that he appreciated us being there. We invited him to come to church. We are hoping that he sees his need for the Savior and sells out to God. Then we saw the man that has been arrested three times since our first encounter with him. We let him know that we were praying him. A woman approached us to tell us that she was a Christian and appalled that we were out there . We could not reason with her no matter what we said . It looked like she was about to slap Bro. J.J., but she left when the man that said that he appreciated us came up.  
We both got to preach this night. While Bro. J.J. was preaching, a man tried to drown us out by driving his car up  and playing his music loud. He only did this for about 5 minutes. They may not want us to be there , but we have to obey the Lord in caring about their souls. Many were listening while they were outside of the bars. We pray that some were thinking about the Lord Jesus when they got away from the crowd. We have also posted new videos on the Youtube channels. Until next time, Happy Soul-winning !

Street Preaching Pictures - June 17

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Traffic Light Evangelism

I held a sign today on my lunch break at the corner of Lamy Lane and Louisville Ave in Monroe. This is a great place because there's traffic from all four directions. A video has been posted on YouTube. Bro J.J will be preaching in the youth service at the Bristow Holiness Campmeeting on Wednesday night. Please pray for him. Happy soul-winning !

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I finally discovered how to place pictures on our blog. Here are a few from recent days of the ministries that we have been talking about.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I found a great definition of a roadblock. It is a barrier that is put up by the police or the military to catch a fugitive. God has his roadblocks. I remember when I ran into one.I was traveling life's highway, thinking that I had everything in control. I lived for myself, following hard after the world. Then one day I crashed. It seemed like the world pulled the rug from under my feet. God had a roadblock set up for me. I was running from Him, but He didn't give up on running after Me. People would try to witness to me, but I would just brush them off. There was a group of young people preaching and witnessing at my favorite club one night. I tried my best to avoid them. Then, on New Year's Eve 1992, I wrecked my truck after leaving that club. I was so drunk that I didn't know what had happened. I woke up at my friends apartment that morning around 10:00. I had to call the police department to find out where my truck was. I had hit a utility pole on a street corner, breaking it into. My truck was totaled. I had the front part of my hair dyed blonde. The police had found some of that hair in the windshield of the truck. The man who had towed my truck said that he hadn't seen many people walk away from an accident like that. Two months later, I was waiting on a customer at work in Shreveport. We were talking about our product when we started talking about Jesus and church. She asked me where I was going to church. I told her that I was trying to go back. She said " You are not doing anything . You better come back to Jesus now ! Those words spoke to me , making me think. God had a roadblock set up ! I got my dad's bible to read. I got saved at my apartment around March 15, 1993 ! What a change God had made in my life !
Three men that we have come in contact with through our street ministry have been arrested lately ! The first one has been arrested three times since we had a meeting with him. He is the one that caused Bro. J.J. To throw his shoes away on the first night we preached at the Tsunami. Another has been arrested twice. I gave a tract to a young man at Walmart. He looked like he would be the type not to take it, but he did and said that he was a member of a certain church. He was booked on a dwi charge this week. Some just try to go right through the roadblocks. I hope that your prayer is that God will use you in His plan to set up roadblocks for those who are fugitives from His mercy !

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jail And Nursing Home Services

We would like make a mention of two other ministries that we are involved in. We go to Claiborne Parish Detention Center in Homer,La. We do this the 2nd and 4th Wed of every month. Bro Tracy and I alternate turns. Tonight, Bro. Day testified. Bro. J.J. and I both preached. One man named David came at the altar service to pray for salvation ! We believe that God really did a work in his heart.
We also go to Ridgecrest Nursing Home in West Monroe on the 1st Sunday of the month. Bro. Jr Bordelon leads this service. We have song service, special singing, and preaching. The people really appreciate us coming there. Please pray for these ministries.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Video From A Street Corner

We added a new video this evening, showing traffic while I held up a sign on a street
corner in Monroe. I used to do this on a regular basis when I worked at the Walmart Vision Center. My plan is to do this at least 2 or 3 times a week on my lunch break. I can preach a little here, but mostly I hold up signs. There is also opportunity for tract distribution when some are stopped at the light and there windows are down. Once, a woman stopped to thank me for being there. She cried as she talked to me. Another time, a man yelled " Get a job! " I don't think that he read the sign. Thanks for your prayers !

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friday Night At Walmart

We went out this Friday night, June 3rd, to preach for a while with a bullhorn in the open air. It was real hot. The high temp for the day was around 102. We had one person drive up to listen for a few minutes. Others drove by slowly to see what we were doing. Our friend Terry and his wife came to see us. They said that some were sitting on their tailgates, listening to us. By this type of preaching, we are hoping that people will think about the Lord and their need to be born again. The hour is urgent. The condition is critical. We have got to work the field of souls with compassion for the lost ! We want to obey God, knowing that we have but a short time to evangelize. Christians need to be awakened out of their complacency. Some may not witness because they fear that they will be mocked and ridiculed. We can do it with the help of God !
We have posted a video from Friday night on the YouTube channel. It is called " No Other Door ". I have a new favorite Bible verse. It is Galations 6:17 : From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.
When we are heckled on the street, we need to count it all joy. No one can trouble us because we know who we belong to and that He is with us. When they persecute us, it should not move us. Let us count it all joy !