Sunday, July 10, 2016

4th Of July Fireworks - Crossett, Ark. - July 4th, 2016

I pray that everyone had a great Fourth Of July! My family and I spent the day with friends from church in Crossett, Ark. We went to their local fireworks around 8:30. We had a little time before they started, so I gave out 16 bookmarks and about 75 million dollar bills and tracts. What a great way to end the day!

4th of July Fireworks - Monroe, La - July 2, 2016

We had a great evening in the Louisiana heat at the Century Limk Firework display. 
We started around 7:00. Charles McGuire, Marshall Jones, Braylyn (my son), and I gave out roughly 1000 tracts. We used the Blessed Is The Nation tracts and bookmarks,  the Celebrate Freedom Tract, the Seinfield million, and a few others. We had several conversations. Marshall and Braylyn had a preacher pray with them. 
Bro. Charles talked with several firefighters. He retired from the Monroe Fire Dept.  He was wearing his Vietnam Veterans hat, which prompted several people to thank him for his service. He gave out several million dollar bills to children. One group of them asked for more tracts. Mostly everyone took tracts with only a few rejects. I gave out 1 Spanish bookmark. I gave the new Thank You tract to 5 police officers.  2 gay women took tracts. One of the high lights was when I talked with Charles. The was Marshall's first time to be at a big event with us. He just got back from a mission trip to Germany. Please pray for the seeds that were planted!