Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tract Roledex From Bezeugen

Over the years Bezeugen Ministries has designed over 100 Gospel tracts. These tracts are 2016-04-27 19.44.18made available for FREE through the Bezeugen Tract Club. Some designs, like the Thank You tract, fit many occasions. Others are specifically designed for holidays, sporting events, or particular people groups. How are you supposed to keep them all organized so that you have the right tract at just the right time?

Introducing the Tract Rolodex from Bezeugen. Holds over 100 tracts. Includes extra tracts to restock it. And it comes stocked with a collection of over FIFTY tract designs from Bezeugen Ministries. Never before has it been possible to get such a broad selection of Bezeugen Tract Club tracts at one time!

The Tract Rolodex and tracts will be shipped to you as our gift to you for a minimum donation of $50 or more to Bezeugen Ministries. Ships to United States addresses. While supplies last!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Marshall's New Street Sign

Marshall, my friend from church, made a new street sign out of an old rusty door. Read about it on his blog, Shining The Light To People's Lives

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lunch Time Witnessing - May 12, 2016

I worked in Ruston again today. At lunch, I gave out 2 Thank You tracts at the Wendy's drive-thru. Having to get laundry soap and water, I gave out 4 Yolo tracts, 2 Thank You tracts, 2 MyCard tracts, & 1 Camo Card at Super One. I stopped at a coffee shop that I've wanted to try out. I gave a million dollar bill to 2 employees and 1 customer. I also left a few Yolo tracts on a table. 

Wednesday Night Witnessing

After work, I stopped at Taco Bell to get dinner for my three children. Lakimberly, the cashier, took the Yolo tract. When I told her that it was a Gospel tract, she said "I need this. I'm going to read it on my break." While my wife grocery shopped at Walmart, I gave out several tracts and talked to a few people. I talked with Lance, who is a tattoo artist. When he saw the Yolo tract, he said that he got one at the Mardi Gras parade two years ago. He was with his girlfriend, Danielle. Jason said that he hoped to go to Heaven when I gave him the Yolo tract. In the back of the store on the grocery store, I talked with Sean when I gave him the iPhone tract. I asked him if he was military. He said that he was. I asked if he went to church. He said that he does his own thing. I gave him a million dollar bill, also. I met Joe, who was wearing a Vietnam veteran hat. He said that his mother told him that God was going to bring him home. He wasn't saved when he went to Vietnam, but he is now. Another Joe said that he had got a Camo Card tract at the gas pumps before. He said that he was a believer. Mike and Juan took Yolo tracts in the meat section. Glen and Malek took Yolo tracts. Glen said that he is going to the skating rink when he dies. Duke took a Yolo tract when he was looking at the sport drinks. Makela, the cashier, and Malcolm, took the Human Heart tract. 2 others took the Yolo tract as they were going in.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Carnival In Monroe - April 30, 2016

We went to a small carnival this evening to give out tracts and have conversations. We gave out around 75 tracts. The young man in the photo is "Bossman Jay", a rapper, who is a preacher's son. Marshall gave him the Are You A Good Person? tract. We talked to twins, Cody and Cory. I gave Cory a Yolo tract. He believes in God, but doesn't attend church. Cody, who was working the booth by Cory, is an atheist. He took the MyCard tract. I had one reject by a man working the water gun booth. He took the tract, looked at it, and gave it back. Tyrone said that he studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses. He wasn't one, but believes that they are the closest to the Bible. He took a tract. Samuel took a Yolo tract at one of the food booths. Marshall gave a tract to Mike. He recognized me from when I gave one to him at Walmart.