Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday and Tuesday Evangelism

Monday- I picked up lunch at the Golden Pier Restaurant where Fernando gave me my order. As we talked in Spanish, I gave him a Trivia Del Futbol tract.
Tuesday- I gave a tract to Kioke who was walking in front of my work place. He remembered when I gave him one a few months ago. Leaving the Dollar Tree, I gave Mitchell the How Much Would Bet tract. He said that he wasn't saved. I gave Al an Are you Ready tract when I left Burke's Outlet. He said that he hoped to go to heaven. That night, I gave Tory a How Much Would You Bet Tract at Walmart.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Evangelism

Instead of weekly updates, I'm going to post on a daily basis for a while. As I was getting water from a machine at the Chevron in West Sterlington today, I gave a How Much Would You Bet? Tract to a man who was scratching off lottery tickets before he got into his vehicle. This was a perfect opportunity. I also gave one to the man that was asking him about the tickets.
Lance called me to say that he was able to pass out 38 tracts at a football jamboree. He has just joined the Bezeugen Tract Club and his tracts are almost gone!
At Super One, I traded a Bible Belt tract for a photography flier that a woman was giving out at the entrance.
I was able to slip a few tracts in beer cases that were waiting for them!
In the picture, I placed the tract over a check that a man won playing the lottery. This was at the Circle K where we stopped to get drinks.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Evangelism - 8/17/12

We had a great time witnessing at the Tsunami and the Hookin' Bull this night! Bro. JT, Bro. Charles, Bro. Donnie, and I met up at Walmart around 9:30. We hit a Cracker Barrel convenience store first. Bro. Charles gave a tract to the cashier. Bro. Donnie put tracts in the free papers. Bro. JT and I put tracts in the Gospel tract slots of the beer cases.
When we got to the bars, I felt liberty to preach to those who were on the outside. Some started the usual mocking. After preaching, I tagged Bro. JT. He preached for a while. Bro. Charles and Bro. Donnie took a turn each at holding the cross. This was the
first time for Bro. Donnie (who is 71 years old) to do any street witnessing. Bro. Charles had went with us to the fireworks in July. We talked with a young man named Will who told his friends that he knew the Bible better than we did. He said that he "believed" , but he tried to justify his sin. He even claimed that he went to church on Wednesdays. When I started to tell him my testimony, he said that he remembered me telling him this about 6 months ago. I looked back on my prayer list that I have in my phone notes and saw where we had talked to a Will over a year ago. Bro. Charles went across the street to give a woman a tract. She had been listening to the preaching. She said that she was a Christian. Dustin told Bro. JT that he was an alcoholic. He admitted that he needed help. He asked us to pray with him there on the spot. Kenny told Bro. Charles and I that he was Job. He didn't mind cussing, saying that it was his freedom of speech. He was very drunk. Charles came over to ask Bro. Donnie about the cross. He said that he was working in Pine Bluff, Ark. and didn't have time for church. He seemed to be respectful toward us. As we left the street, the hecklers told us goodbye. We plan on going back on September the 7th and maybe the 8th also for a Alex Marley concert. When we got back to the Walmart parking lot, Bro. JT and I went in to put tracts in beer cases. I gave a tract to a man that hasn't been to church in a while. He said that he was thankful that I talked with him. It got him to thinking.

People aren't thinking about eternity. We have to bring it to the forefront of their minds so they can turn to the Lord with their heart. I talked to Brad at Walmart one day this week. I took him through 3 of the commandments. He said that he never thought about it like that. We have to talk with people to see where they are at. Then, we witness to them. We must challenge them to look to our Savior to be saved.
If you are in a comfort zone, step out and step up in obeying the great commission. Time is short, but eternity is long. Do you want anyone to suffer the torments of hell forever? Let's rescue the perishing!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bezeugen Tract Club

Join the Bezeugen Tract Club to receive 30 free Gospel tracts per month. Be encouraged to pass out at least 1 a day. I run out of mine before the month is up! In the picture is the tracts that came for the month of September. The tracts are great icebreakers for witnessing. You can place these anywhere for the lost to pick up and read. We have been placing these also in beer, water, and soda cases. ( Check out Carl's demonstration on the As You Go blog here - )

When you give someone a tract, ask "Did you get one of these?" When you ask "Do you want one of these? or "Can I give you one these?", they might say no. Make them curious. Then, witness if possible. I like finding people at the gas pumps and any place that shopping has to be done. These tracts are easy to carry everywhere you go! Enroll today @

The lost are everywhere! Are you sharing your faith? If not, now is a good time to start!!! Let's win souls!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Are You A Soul-Winner?" Sermon From Keith Daniel

Here is a stirring message on soul-winning from Keith Daniel. I listened to this today. I went to Walmart afterwards to get a gas card. I talked to three people, feeling the Spirit of God! Many do not know where they will spend eternity. They are only thinking about now; not the hereafter. Do we care enough to tell them how to get to Heaven? Can they see our love and concern for there souls? I talked with one man today that said that there needed to be more people like me doing what I was doing. One man of God said that there is a labor shortage in the Kingdom of God. How true this is! Christians need to break out of complacency! They must quit wondering what man will think and wonder what God commands. This is warfare! There are souls at stake that must realize that that have sinned against a Holy God. They need to know that the only way to be reconciled to God is through the blood that was shed by Jesus on that old rugged cross! They need to see that Jesus is the propitiation - the satisfaction of God's judgment that was against us! Can we do more to present these truths to the walking dead that are around us? Can we weep over lost humanity and reap a harvest for our Lord? Can we be used by God in winning the lost? Can we go out of our way to see that someone hears the Gospel? Let our prayer be this: "Lord, make me a soul-winner!!!" Please let the Lord stir your heart more toward souls while listening to this message!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Week In Witnessing (7/31/12 - 8/3/12)

Monday -I gave a tract to Rod at Walmart.

Tuesday - At Walmart, Red got a tract. Bo seemed to get choked up a little when I talked with him. He said that he had a Christian up-bringing. Vince, Tony, Estavan, and Juan received a Trivia Del Futbol tract. Deandre, a Walmart employee, took a tract. I talked to a man on the beer isle as I gave him a tract. Mr. Woodworth got a tract near the pharmacy. After I checked out I gave tracts to Scott and Nicole Johnson.

Thursday - After Work: Walmart in West Monroe - I talked with Grayson at the checkout as I gave him a How Much Would You Bet? tract. Philipe and Elmundo took a Trivia Del Futbol tract. I gave the Bible Belt tract to George who is a high school friend's dad. Taronda, the cashier, got one,too.

Friday - My wife had a doctors appointment today. I gave tracts to two men that were getting on the bus outside of the hospital. I placed tracts through out the clinic. There are a lot of people waiting all day long. Why not give them something great to read? I put several tracts with the magazines.
As we were leaving, I gave two Bible Belt tracts to two women that were outside the entrance. Walmart has been my hot spot this week! I had to wait for a prescription for my wife to be filled. Waiting time means witnessing time. ( Please check out the post on Go With The Gospel under Soul-Winning Friends at the top of this page. I gave tracts to Wayne, Kenneth, and John. I had a great conversation with Dale, a truck driver, when he came from the alcohol section. He told me how he had put his wife before the Lord and lost it all. He said that he was getting closer to the Lord and was attending church where he lived in Arkansas. I pray that he was encouraged when we talked. As I was leaving, Eddie and Josh took a tract.