Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gospel Tract Spotlight

The Bezeugen Tract Club sends out 30 free Gospel tracts per month to those who join. These are little cards that are easy to hand out or put in different places. Bezeugen ( pronounced Beh-zoo-gen ) is the German word for testify. The Club challenges you to give out a tract a day. They package the tracts on the first Monday of each month and then mail them later that week. To join, go to . Please check out the " As You Go " section. The tracts that are sent out can be ordered from . They are easy to carry and distribute " As You Go " everywhere ! Happy Soul-Winning !

Friday, July 29, 2011

Louisiana Watermelon Festival In Farmerville

The 48th annual Louisiana Watermelon Festival is going on this weekend in Farmerville. It is held on the last weekend of every July. A street dance with a live band took place tonight. Bro. J.J. and I went to evangelize because a lot of people usually attend this. There was also a carnival coinciding with the street dance. We had preached there several years ago. The crowd wasn't as large as we expected it to be, but there was enough people to witness to. We each took a street corner, passing out tracts and holding signs. We probably gave out ninety to a hundred tracts. Everyone took them from us. I was able to give out the " ? Es Usted Una Buena Persona ? " ( Are You A Good Person ? ) tract to several Spanish people. As one family passed by, I sang half of a verse from one of my favorite Spanish songs : " Jesus, Mi Fiel Amigo. " I also met Manuel, who is a Christian. We had a good conversation. A man named John told me that he was backslidden. He has just moved to Louisiana. We pray that he will get right with God. Russell told me that he was a busy man. He
had been in Iraq for two years with the Air Force. I welcomed him home. He took a tract,
also. The only opposition was when a young person asked Bro. J.J if he was going in after he did the " Jesus Saves " thing.
Bro. J.J. and I have really been encouraged in the outreaches that we have been involved in. We are praying about witnessing at a rap concert next month in Monroe. Please pray that we can be used to see souls brought to the foot of the Cross ! Thanks again for viewing our blog. God Bless !

Evangelism Update - July 28, 2011

I went to the corner of Lamy and Louisville at lunch on Monday. I got to give out a few tracts. I worked in Ruston that afternoon. After leaving , I had to get a few things at Walmart. You know what that meant ! My first witness was to a Spanish man in the electronics department. After talking to him, I discovered that I didn't have my keys ! I went back to our van to confirm my mistake ! I didn't want to call a locksmith, so I tried to find some things to unlock the van myself. In my searching, I gave tracts to workers in the garden department and the sports department. I also left a tract in a card holder in the vision center. As I was trying to unlock the van, a man came to my aid. I had to go buy a screwdriver to use with a camping utensil that I purchased earlier. After unlocking the door, I gave the man ten dollars and four tracts ( He had three friends with him. )
Sometimes we have go to make the best of a situation !

On Tuesday, I went through the drive-thru at Church's Chicken. I was informed that the chicken
would be ready in fifteen minutes. I didn't want to wait; so I went to Super One to get
chicken from the deli. While I was there, I gave out five Spanish tracts. I gave a tract to
the woman that gave me the chicken. I talked to a gentleman that had previously worked at
Walmart. He asked me to pray for him.

At lunch on Wednesday, I studied for jail service at the library. I left a few tracts lying
around there. On the way to jail service, Bro. J.J. and I left a few tracts at a Chevron. We
has a great service at Claiborne Parish Detention Center. A man that got saved a few months
ago has been giving Bro. J.J. letters to let us know how God I working in his life. He is
breaking it off with his unsaved girlfriend. He said that the Lord has helped him with his
anger problem. Tracts were left at McDonald's after service. I got to talk to a man
briefly as I gave him one.

My mother has been in the hospital since Wednesday morning. At lunch on Thursday, I went to
see her. She was getting a test done when I got there. I gave a tract to a man that was on the
phone. As I went, I placed a few tracts here and there. I put a Gospel of John and Romans in
the lobby.I stopped at the Dollar General to get pencil sharpeners for my children on my way
home from work. A couple went to a closed register as I approached the open one. I let them go
ahead of me since they were there first. When they were leaving, I offered the man a tract. I
thought that he wouldn't take it, but he did ! How was your week ?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personal Evangelism - July 23, 2011

How are your evangelism efforts going ? We pray that you are being encouraged and that doors are being opened. God has really blessed our lives with joy that just can't be stopped ! I desire to do what I can for the sake of a soul to be saved ! I went to the mall last night with my family. I gave out several tracts there. Afterwards, we went to Walmart. You can't just shop at Walmart. Everybody goes there ! I am always looking for someone to witness to while I am there. I talked to a man that was homeless. He told me that he was supposed to preach at one time. I pray that God will touch his heart and bring Him back to the blood of Jesus. Please pray for Mr. Harris.
Today we went to Ruston, which is about forty miles from where we live. Our first stop was a thrift store. I was able to get five free Gideon New Testaments. I give these away whenever I get them. I was able to witness to 7 Spanish men there. I keep Spanish tracts with me, too. After that , I gave tracts to two Spanish men that worked at the Chinese restuarant that we ate at. Then, at Walmart, I talked to Hosea and his family. He seemed interested in coming to
our church in the morning. My daughter talked with his daughters who were about the same age
as her. We had a good conversation about the Lord and church. I also gave tracts to two
young Muslim men as they were leaving the store. To my surprise, they took them !
A woman at the Dollar General in Sterlington recognized me from being on the corner by the
college where I have been twice this past week. She told me that she appreciated me being out
there . That was very encouraging ! Lastly, the carhop at Sonic was giving me a tea. I didn't have a good grip on it, so it ended up on my pants and our van floorboard. I didn't get upset.
When she brought me the new tea, I gave her a tip and a tract ! How was your day in evangelizing ?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Evangelism Update - July 18, 2011

Here is an update on what we have been doing lately. About two weeks ago, Bro. J.J. went to do some early morning evangelizing at Walmart. He arrived there around 8:00. He was joined by Lance Levy who recently prayed. He attends our church now. Lance helped with holding a sign while we preached. I got there on my lunch around 11:15. Bro. J.J. was there for about four hours. We posted a short YouTube video titled " Look To Jesus " from this day. On June 28, we met up on my lunch. The YouTube video from then is called " When You Take Your Last Breath, Your Decision Is Forever Made ". Another day , Bro J.J. went to Bastrop with Bro. Jonathan Day holding the sign . There were several listening as the Gospel was being preached.

Another sign has been made for the street ministry. It is the one in the picture above. We plan on making more and ordering a few. We also plan on making a couple of new crosses.

Last Tuesday night after prayer meeting at church, I felt like getting the large cross and
holding it in front of our church. I was just there for about five minutes when a man on a
bike came by. I gave a tract to him before he went to a store that was near by. He came back and
asked for money to buy something to eat. I was able to talk to him for a few minutes. I found
out that he used to sing In the choir at the church he once went to. I encouraged him to get
back to the Lord. I gave him a few dollars and a Gospel with Romans and John. After he left
the store, he stopped to thank me. Please pray for Dennis. I gave tracts to four other people
that were walking by.

I placed another " Are You Ready ? " tract holder at a laundry mat in Monroe. A kind
lady that was working allowed me to put it there.

Bro. Aaron and Sis. Victoria Hough have been at our church this summer,
helping out with children's church and preaching. They are graduates of Free Gospel Bible
Institute in Export, Pa . Sis. Victoria is originally from our church. Bro. Aaron went out
with Bro. J.J. on Friday night to the trio of clubs. They said that they were swarmed with bar
patrons as soon as they got there. They weren't able to preach much due to this. It was
like the first night we preached there. One intoxicated young man said that he read
Proverbs and even quoted the verses that dealt with drinking. He said that the hard part was obeying them. Bro. J.J said that a couple of fights almost broke out. We may be getting through to a few of the regulars.

We are planning to go to the annual Watermelon Festival in Farmerville on the night of July the 29th. There will be many attending this event. Please pray for us to reach some souls that night . Until next time, Happy Soul-winning !

Friday, July 8, 2011

The 10/5 Challenge

A poll taken several years ago revealed that only ten percent of Christians shared their faith. If this is true, then what are the other ninety percent doing ? Every Christian should be about the business of telling others about Jesus and the way of salvation through His wonderful cross. We would like to encourage those who find it difficult to begin to tell others the Good News of the Gospel. Once you get started, you can't stop ! We would like for you to take this challenge to give you a boost in evangelizing the lost. There are two options you can choose from. Witness to ten people a day for five days in a row. This would include handing out gospel tracts or engaging in a conversation with someone that leads to witnessing. The second option is to evangelize for ten minutes a day for five days in a row. Find a street corner to hold up a sign or maybe street preach. You could pass out tracts for ten minutes, also. Imagine how many tracts could be distributed in ten minutes ! Place them where people can pick them up to read when they are idle. Pray about what the Lord would have you to do. Witnessing is not that hard ! People will appreciate someone taking the time to speak to them about their soul and eternal destiny. We pray that you will accept this challenge to help you get over an obstacle that is preventing you from being the soul-winner that God wants you to be. Feel free to leave a comment after you have taken this challenge and seen a change in your witnessing efforts. God Bless !

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth Of July Fireworks In Monroe

Happy Independence Day to those in the United States of America ! Thank
the Lord for the freedom that we have here to share our faith and worship our Savior. Bro J.J. and I went
to the annual firework display held by the Monroe Jaycees on Saturday night. This attracts many
from the area. The fireworks only lasted for about thirteen minutes, but we evangelized for
almost an hour. We caught the crowd when they were leaving. We were able to give out over one
hundred tracts with only five hitting the ground. One man threw two on the ground after he took them from me. I got a little preachy for a minute. He came back a few minutes later to tell me that I shouldn't cram it down people's throats. I told him that I wasn't; that we were out there because we loved him. Another young man in a vehicle asked where we went to church. I told him the name of our church. He asked if we were apostolic. I told him that we were pentecostal, holiness, and trinitarian. He suggested that we read Acts 2:38. I proclaimed " I'm saved ! I'm saved ! I'm saved ! " We had a few brief conversations with a few. We were so encouraged from this that we went to the corner of Lamy Lane and Louisville Ave. for another forty minutes. We were able to give out a few more tracts to some who were stopped at the traffic light.
One man said that seeing us there made him think that we were the only two sane people on earth ! He was out with the party crowd ! The time is short, brothers and sisters ! We must take advantage of every opportunity to evangelize the lost ! Thanks for reading ! Happy Fourth of July to our American friends ! Happy soul-winning to all !

Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Street Cross

This one was real easy to make. I got two pieces of cardboard that came out of a display box. They were a little over 4 feet long each. I cut the horizontal piece down to 3 feet and 2 inches. After I glued the two pieces together, I used stencils for the lettering. I had a great time holding it up at lunch time today !