Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday Witnessing - 9/26/15

Yesterday, I went to a National Hunting and Fishing Day event with my sons and Lance. We gave out around 30 Camo Cards as went to the booths and activities. At one table where Lance gave them out, I heard a man say "The book doesn't say that you have to go to church."
That evening at the mall, I gave the Yolo tract to Kevin as we were going in. I gave the Camo Card to several Camo wearers there. Two ladies at Raising Cane's received the Thank You tract. At Game Stop, I gave the new MyCard to Jamarius at the counter. He had John 3:16 tattooed on his left arm. I used that to start the conversation. His mother has cancer. He said that he was a 6 on a scale of 1 - 10 in being spiritual. A Spanish man took the Spanish Yolo as we were leaving. At Circle K, I gave out a tract to the cashier, a man going out, and to Will at the pumps.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Witnessing ~ 9/21/2015


There are so many who need to be saved. We walk by them everyday. How can we who know Jesus and what He has done for us walk by the lost without a burden for them. I gave out a few tracts today. 
At lunch, I gave one English Yolo and one Spanish Yolo tract to Spanish men at McDonald's. EJ took a Yolo tract, too. I gave out a Created To Do tract to a Hindu man who was leaving the mall this evening. In the mall, I gave the Yolo tract to a woman who appeared a little manly. She thanked me for giving her the tract. Shemar took the Yolo tract at Circle K. When I gave the Eternity: Where? tract to the cashier, she said that she was going to heaven but was backsliding. She said "You really helped me!" I don't know what she was going through, but it seemed like giving her that tract helped her in some way!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Witnessing - 9/19/2015


I gave the Camo Card to Les in the parking lot of Walmart this morning, meeting today's #DailyTractChallenge. He was wearing camouflage shorts. I asked him "On a scale of 1 to 10, how spiritual are you? He said 4. He asked if I was in recovery after I shared my testimony with him. I told him that I had been saved for 22 years. He has been in recovery for 2 1/2 months and is from Houma - down south. Please pray for Les. We went on visitation this morning in two different groups. We got out 22 door hangers and spoke to several. Lorna said that she was a 6 on the spiritual scale. Joseph said that he didn't know. One woman said that she had a home church, but hadn't been in a while. Then she said "Shame on me!". I left a few Camo Cards and Play By The Rules tracts at Dick's Sporting Goods. At A Academy, I found out that that their wading boot boxes had tract slots! Thomas took the Camo Card at Walmart.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Saturday Witnessing - 9/12/2015

I did a 10 tract challenge on Twitter today. I ended with 20 - 22 tracts. I spoke with 3 Muslim men at Walmart who are college students. They took the Play By The Rules tract. I asked Jeremiah if he liked sports as I gave him the same tract. He is a student pastor. He said that he was really encouraged with me giving him the tract. He wants to go on an outreach with us. At Fred's, I gave out three Created To Do tracts, one to the cashier who is a transgender. I also put 4 Camo Card tracts into hunting regulation books. Walmart had storage crates on sale for 50 cents. Take a guess at what I'll be using this for!

How To Witness To Muslims (From The Evidence Bible)

This is from Answers From The Evidence Bible by Living Waters.

How to Witness to Muslims

In Acts 17:22–31 the apostle Paul built on areas of "common ground" as he prepared his listeners for the good news of the gospel. Even though he was addressing Gentiles whose beliefs were erroneous, he didn’t rebuke them for having a doctrine of devils— "The things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God" (1 Corinthians 10:20). Neither did he present the great truth that Jesus of Nazareth was Almighty God manifest in human form. This may have initially offended his hearers and closed the door to the particular knowledge he wanted to convey. Instead, he built on what they already knew. He first established that there is a Creator who made all things. He then exposed their sin of transgression of the First and Second of the Ten Commandments. Then he preached future punishment for sin. 

There are three main areas of common ground upon which Christians may stand with Muslims. First, that there is one God—the Creator of all things. The second area is the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet of God. The Bible makes this clear: "And He shall send Jesus Christ,…For Moses truly said to the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up to you of your brethren, like to me; him shall you hear in all things whatsoever he shall say to you" (Acts 3:20–22). The Qur’an (Koran) says: "Behold! The angel said ‘O Mary! Allah giveth you Glad Tidings of a word from Him. His name will be (Christ Jesus) the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to Allah’" (Surah 3:45). In Surah 19:19, the angel said to Mary, "I am only a messenger of thy Lord to announce to you a gift of a holy son." Surah 3:55 says, "Allah said: ‘O Jesus! I will take you and raise you to Myself." It is because of these and other references to Jesus in the Qur’an that a Muslim will not object when you establish that Jesus was a prophet from God. 

This brings us to the third area of common ground. Muslims also respect Moses as a prophet of God. Therefore, there should be little contention when Christians speak of God (as Creator), Jesus the prophet, and the Law of the prophet Moses. Most Muslims do have some knowledge of their sinfulness, but few see sin in its true light. It is therefore essential to take them through the spiritual nature of the Ten Commandments. While it is true that the Law of Moses begins with, "I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before Me," it may be unwise to tell a Muslim, at that point, that Allah is a false god. Such talk may close the door before you are able to speak to his conscience. It is wise rather to present the Law in a similar order in which Jesus gave it in Luke 18:20. He addressed the man’s sins of the flesh. He spoke directly to sins that have to do with his fellow man. 

Therefore, ask your hearer if he has ever told a lie. When (if) he admits that he has, ask him what that makes him. Don’t call him a liar. Instead, gently press him to tell you what someone is called who has lied. Try to get him to say that he is a "liar." Then ask him if he has ever stolen something, even if it’s small. If he has, ask what that makes him (a thief). Then quote from the Prophet Jesus: "Whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart" (Matthew 5:27). Ask if he has ever looked at a woman with lust. If he is reasonable, he will admit that he has sinned in that area. Then gently tell him that, by his own admission, he is a "lying, thieving adulterer-at-heart." Say, "If God judges you by the Law of Moses on Judgment Day, will you be innocent or guilty?" 

At this point, he will more than likely say that he will be innocent, because he confesses his sins to God. However, the Qur’an says: "Every soul that has sinned, if it possessed all that is on earth, would fain give it in ransom" (Surah 10:54). In other words, if he possessed the whole world and offered it to God as a sacrifice for his sins, it wouldn’t be enough to provide atonement for his sins. Imagine that a criminal is facing a 50,000 fine. He is penniless, so he sincerely tells the judge that he is sorry for a crime and vows never to do it again. The judge won’t let him go on the basis of his sorrow, or his vow never to commit the crime again. Of course, he should be sorry for what he has done, and of course, he shouldn’t break the law again. The judge will, however, let him go if someone else pays the fine for him. 

Now tell him that Moses gave instructions to Israel to shed the blood of a spotless lamb to provide a temporary atonement for their sin; and that Jesus was the Lamb that God provided to make atonement for the sins of the world. Through faith in Jesus, he can have atonement with God. All his sin can be washed away—once and for all. God can grant him the gift of everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ on the basis of His death and resurrection. 

The uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth was that He claimed He had power on earth to forgive sins (Matthew 9:2–6). No other prophet of any of the great religions made this claim. Only Jesus can provide peace with God. This is why He said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me" (John 14:6). 

God commands sinners to repent and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior, or they will perish. To try to justify himself, your listener may say something like, "The Bible has changed. It has been altered. There are many different versions, but the Koran has never changed." Explain to him that there are many different versions, printed in different languages and in modern English, to help people understand the Bible, but the content of the Scriptures remains the same. The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that God has preserved the Scriptures.

Tell him that the 100% accurate prophecies of Matthew 24, Luke 21, and 2 Timothy 3 prove that this is the Book of the Creator. Your task is to present the truth of the gospel. It is God who makes it come alive (1 Corinthians 3:6,7). It is God who brings conviction of sin (John 16:7,8). It is God who reveals who Jesus is (Matthew 16:16,17). All God requires is your faithful presentation of the truth (Matthew 25:21).

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gospel Tract Spotlight - What Happens After #Yolo? (Spanish)

Another Spanish tract from Bezeugen is the What Happens After #Yolo? This is a good tract to start a conversation with. 

What happens after #YOLO? (Spanish)

yolo Spanish Front iconYOLO – Sólo se vive una vez. Esto es dicho por la gente todos los días. Se tuiteó con un hashtag en Twitter (#YOLO). En realidad, se dice en la Escritura: Y así como está establecido para los hombres una vez para morir, pero después de esto el juicio; – Hebreos 9:27. ¿Qué sucede después de que se vive una vez? Hay dos lugares humanidad vivirán por la eternidad. Vamos a ver en qué gasta la eternidad después de YOLO acuerdo con las normas de Dios, los Diez Mandamientos. ¿Alguna vez has dicho una mentira? Robado algo? Odiaba a alguien? Jesús llama asesinato odio (Mateo 5:22)! Alguna vez usado el nombre de Dios descuidadamente? Eso es una blasfemia y es un delito muy grave (Éxodo 20: 7). ¿Va a ser inocente o culpable? Cielo o Infierno? Dios no quiere que te vayas al infierno (1 Timoteo 2: 4, 2 Pedro 3: 9). Hace dos mil años, Dios envió a su único hijo Jesucristo a la tierra. Jesús siendo plenamente Dios y plenamente hombre, vivió una vida perfecta, cumplió la Ley y luego voluntariamente se convirtió en el sacrificio perfecto por el pecado de todo el mundo. Él murió en una cruz para pagar por nuestros pecados (1 Jn 2, 2). Jesús resucitó de entre los muertos, venciendo el pecado, la muerte y el diablo. Dios “manda a todos, en todas partes, que se arrepientan”, porque “Él ha fijado un día en el cual juzgará al mundo” (Hechos 17: 30-31). Si usted se arrepiente y cree el Evangelio, Dios perdonará todos sus pecados y darle vida eterna (Marcos 1:15, Juan 3:36) YOLO, entonces la eternidad. ORDER_buttonW

Gospel Tract Spotlight - Are You A Good Person? - Spanish

If you are looking for tracts in Spanish, Bezeugen Ministries offer several that are translated from the English versions. They can be ordered through by going to Bezeugen Tracts. Here is one of those tracts:

Are You a Good Person (Spanish)

Are you a good person (Spanish)

Lo lamento !  Eres como todos nosotros ! el diccionario dice que “bueno” es ser “moralmente excelente”. Vamos a verificar este estardad- los Diez Mandamientos- para ver que tan corto quedamos.  Dios esta de primero en tu vida ? Lo amas con todo tu corazon, alma, mente y fuerzas? Te has inclinado ante otros dioses en tu vida? Has usado el nombre de Dios en vano? Has honrado a tus padres? Has mirado a alguien con lujuria , asi cometiendo adulterio en tu corazon ? Has mentido (incluye mentiritas blancas). robado (el valor es irrelevante) o has codiciado las posesiones de otras personas? Si eres honesto, tu sabes que seras culpable en el Dia dle Juicio ante Dios.  El no quiere mandarte al infierno. Jesucristo sufrio y murio en la cruz para que tu fueras libre.  Asi es cuanto Dios te ama.  Tu cometiste infracciones en la Ley de Dios pero Cristo pago tu multa.  Luego el resucito de los muertos.  Si tu te arrepientes (dejas todo lo que tu sabes que no esta bien  en tu vida) y confies en Cristo solamente, Dios perdonara  tus pecados y te dara vida eterna . Empieza con leer tu Biblia cada dia ( lee primero el evangelio de Juan) y obedece lo que lees.  Para saber que le paso al Senor BuenaGente y ver un video de este mensaje, por favor abrir esta pagina web

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Witnessing To Homosexuals

Do you think homosexuals are hard to witness to? Fear often tries to motivate us not to share our faith with them, but they are just like the atheist or the cult member - lost without God's son. They are in need of forgiveness of sins just like the one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Ray Comfort, the executive producer and writer of Audacity posted this on Facebook on July 29, 2013

How to Witness to Homosexuals

Homosexuality is a hot issue. Open your mouth against it nowadays, no matter how casually or even lovingly, and you will almost certainly be accused of using “hate speech.” There is, however, a way around this for the Christian.

When I meet a homosexual, I never talk about his sexual orientation. This is because I care about him and want to share the gospel, and I don’t want him to be offended before I do that. So I witness to him the way I witness to any heterosexual. I ask if he thinks he’s a good person. When he predictably says that he is, I take him through the Ten Commandments—has he lied, stolen, and blasphemed God’s name? When I ask about lust (see Matthew 5:27-28), I don’t mention gender. After seeing his transgressions in the light of God’s Law he will understand his guilt—and that he’s headed for Hell and desperately in need of the Savior.

Before he saw his sin, he was proud and self-righteous, but now he’s humble of heart. That means he is able to be reasoned with, without being defensive. So I tell him that to be saved he must repent of all sin and trust alone in Jesus. I then show him what “sin” is, by referring to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (which lists those who will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven): “Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” I gently tell him that if he has a problem with the list, he should take it up with God, because it’s His list.

Is it biblical to use the moral Law (the Ten Commandments) when speaking with homosexuals? It certainly is: “But we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully, knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for…fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine” (1Timothy 1:8-10).

For further teaching on biblical evangelism please freely listen to “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” on

Being argumentative won't win them to the Lord. We must be gentle, yet tell them the truth in love. I have given out tracts to several homosexuals. Prayerfully, they read them and thonk about the condition of their souls. I talked with Travis one night at Walmart. After taking him through the commandments, I discovered that he was gay. I asked him to think about the things we talked about. He didn't get irrate or punch me! Let's not forget about homosexuals. They need salvation, too. Watch Audacity to see how Ray witnesses to them. I believe this movie will inspire you! I have the link to it on the post before this one. Pray  that God will give you divine appointments! Let's reach our world forJesus!