Monday, February 25, 2013

Gospel Tract Spotlight - Hoppy Easter

Are you looking for a good tract for Easter evangelism? Check this one out from Bezeugen @
This one was in the March mailing of the the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Hoppy Easter

It's not a misprint. It really says "Hoppy Easter" Why? At Easter time many people decorate eggs and hunt for them. Others stand in line at the mall to see the Easter bunny. Yet, Easter is not about eggs and bunnies. The true message of Easter is that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Christ had to die to pay for the sins of the whole world. Let's see if you needed him to die for you. The Bible says that it is appointed once to die and then the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). Ever told a lie? Stolen anything? Hated someone? Christ calls hatred murder (Matthew 5:21). That's just three of the Ten Commandments. Would you be innocent or guilty? Heaven or Hell? Because God is just, there must be a payment for your sin. Either you can pay by spending eternity in Hell or you can receive, by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ the free gift that God has for you (Mark 1:15, Ephesians 2:8-9). Instead of "Hoppy Easter", repent of your sin and put your trust in Jesus Christ. He will grant you eternal life. Happy Easter!                          

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Million Dollar Challenge

The million dollar bill Gospel tracts are some of my favorite to use. They are eye catching and received well by the lost. When giving them out, I look for an open door to witness. Some of the things I will say when engaging people are: "Here's your first million." or "Tell _________(name of business they work for) to give you a raise." or I will ask: "Did you get one of these?" or "Did you get your first million?" I have only had one reject in the last year. When I used the word "Gospel", he wasn't interested anymore. He may have had a bad experience.
This morning in Sunday School, I am going to challenge my teenage class to hand out at least one million dollar bill Gospel tract. They must hand it to some one. One of my students is already a member of the Bezuegen Tract Club. You can order these at, and 
One million tracts have George

Washington , Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan millions.
Living Waters' has Rutherford Hayes on theirs. They also have the trillion with Abraham Lincoln on the front.

I challenge you to give out at least one of these if you have never used the million dollar bill tract. It will help you get over the fear of witnessing. It will encourage you to want to witness more. It will help you to talk to others that are of different religions. We must challenge them to seek the truth. I gave one to a Hindu at the mall on Friday night. I have put these in the hands of Muslims. A lot of people will not talk to someone about their beliefs or Jesus. They will read a tract, though. Pray that God will open up their eyes when reading a tract.
Will you take the million dollar challenge?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night At The Mall - Feb. 22, 2013

My family and I went to the mall tonight after work. The first stop was Burlington Coat Factory, where I gave Nathan a Man Card tract. He asked for another to give to his brother. It's easy to hand out the new texting tract since just about everyone does text messaging. I gave out around 12 of these tonight. A few recipients were on there phones! (Check out the picture from the Best Buy mobile store!) I kept some million dollar bill tracts (from in my front shirt pocket. I believe the whole crew from Raising Cane's took one when the cashier asked about them. When Chris took one, he talked about wanting to be with his deceased grand-parents in Heaven. I gave a Trivia Del Futbol tract to Santos, who said that he wasn't a Christian. I left several tracts on the benches, counters, and at the blood pressure machine. I love going to the mall!





Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mardi Gras Parade - West Monroe, La. - Feb. 2, 2013

I haven't had time to post about this until now. We just finished a three week revival where people received help from the Lord . I met up with Bro. JT and Bro. Gary around 5:30 on this Sat. evening on the West Monroe side where it started. They had already witnessed to a man by the name of Mike. Before going to the parade, a woman came toward us that was stumbling. She had been drinking already. We gave her a couple of tracts to read later. She asked us where the levy was. We told her to go up the street and turn left , but she kept going straight into a bad area of town. We called the police to let them know.
We met Bro. Charles before the parade began. People were partying at a couple of bars that were near the parade route. This is not as big as the parade in New Orleans, but it grows every year. We got to give out several tracts before it began.
The parade lasted for about an hour and a half. We stood on a corner where people were continually moving. I saw several people that I knew from West Monroe and school. We gave out about 600 - 700 tracts and coins. Please pray that souls will be saved through these efforts.