Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ark-La-Miss Fair - Sept. 23, 2011

The fair is back in town ! We try to evangelize at this event every year. There was six of us this time: Bro. JJ, Bro. Buddy, Bro. Jonathan, Bro. Lanny and his friend, Bro. John. This is the largest crowd drawer that we go to in this area. There were people everywhere ! When we arrived about 9:30 pm, we took our position across from the main entrance on the corner of the city courthouse. We estimated that we gave out between 800 - 1000 tracts.We used most of our signs. We attempted to preach, but there was a steady flow of traffic. There were many who told us that they were saved, but there was a few of them that we weren't too sure about. Many people claim the name, but play the game ! A lot of people will tell you that they are a Christian, but their lives say otherwise ! One man, who had a bottle of beer in a bag, told me that he went to church every Sunday. We talked to him while his buddy threw his bottle down. I guess he didn't see the police that were about ten to twelve feet from us. These two were escorted from the grounds via police cars !
We stayed till about 12:30 am. I was hoping that we could have done more one on ones. Please pray for those who kept the tracts. We saw many put them in their pockets. I asked several to read their tract after the fair. God's will was done as the Gospel went forth.
I am so thankful for brothers who are willing to go to the streets to share their faith in our faithful Lord. How are you doing in your evangelism efforts ?
God Bless !

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tract From The Past

I found a few of these tracts in my briefcase that I had in my car. I don't know if this one is still available. I'll write to the address on the back to see. I gave two of these out at two drive-thrus, asking if they took Gospel checks !

Friday, September 16, 2011

Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System

On August 22nd, Tony Miano posted on his blog about Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System. I have never had a solid plan where I have read all the way through or in a year.
With this plan, I will have read the Bible in 250 days. I am currently on day 31. I am very excited about this!
My wife started this week . Several people from our church have also got on it. Here is the link if you want to look at it for yourself :

Each day you will read ten chapters a day with ten list to read from. I make sure I  get at least ten read everyday. I have doubled up a few times, reading two days worth. This system is very challenging. In Sunday School this weekend, I am going to talk about this plan in our Adult class as I teach on the Word of God. My Bible-reading will never be the same!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Signs

We found supplies for these signs at The Dollar Tree in Bastrop tonight. We bought two thick poster boards, two packs of four inch letters, and a three pack of stick glue.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Evangelism Stamp On A One Dollar Bill

I found this while preparing a deposit for the laundry mat that I work for. Have you seen one like this before ?