Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ark-La-Miss Fair 2012

We went to the fair Friday night to pass out around 300 or more tracts and about 75 Gospel coins. Bro. JJ, Bro. Jonathan, and I were there for this event. There was a steady flow of people going in and out. Most took the tracts with a few rejects. We had two signs with us, but only used them for a short period. I got to talk to 3 Spanish men that said that they weren't Christians. There names are Manuel, Javier, and Armando. They took the Spanish Gospel coins. Giving out the million dollar bill, a young man asked if I was famous. He wanted me to sign one if I was! I told him that I was a Christian. Many young people took the Get Out Of Hell Free and the Great Pumpkin tracts. About 60 million dollar bill tracts from Living Waters were taken, also. Bro Jonathan gave out most of his Bezeugen Tract Club tracts. One woman asked Bro. JJ about our church. We also saw the McGuffee family who were working at the Creation presentation in the fair. Bro. McGuffee pastors Ambassador Baptist in Monroe. The Creation presentation is done every year by Bro. Jerry and others like the McGuffee family. They present the story of Creation and hand out Gospel tracts, too. As we were leaving, we gave 5 Back From The Dead chick tracts to some who were waiting on a corner.
The highlight of the night was when we talked to Chavelle (not sure if that is spelled correct) and Deon. We were almost to the vehicle when we saw them walking our way. Chavelle said that she was a cancer survivor. She had cancer when she was 17 months old. She expressed that she wanted to get back in church. Deon said that he was a homosexual. He did go to with his family. I talked to him about the born again experience and how God changes lives. Then I took him through 3 of the Ten Commandments. Bro. JJ talked to him about the heart and the new creation in Jesus. They both took a Bible Belt tract. Please pray for these precious souls to experience the wonderful salvation that we have in Jesus Christ!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Witnessing - 9/24/2012

This morning: I stopped at the Circle K where "Mrs. Nita" works (This is on her name tag). She has told us hat she reads the tracts that we leave in the store. I have brought her new tracts lately. She wasn't working today, so I gave her co-worker a Gospel coin to give to her when she gets back to work. I also gave one to both of her co-workers. I gave one to a man as he was leaving. I placed The Biggest Gamble tract on the lottery display. As I was leaving, I spoke with a man that was pumping gas. He said that he was saved. He is a firefighter that has worked with a couple
of men that I know. I saw a Spanish couple that had stopped for gas. I gave a Spanish Gospel coin to the man and asked him to give one to his wife.
At the NowSave by the I-20, I gave Gospel coins to Lloyd, Lavelle, and Ricardo. Ricardo came back in the store to ask for coins for his mother and girlfriend!
Super One was the spot for lunch. I talked to two Spanish men at the deli. I gave Antonio a Spanish coin. Anyo took one in English.
I went to Walmart after work. I gave a coin to an employee that had got a tract before. As I was going in, I gave a coin to a man that was smoking. Duane took one in the foyer. I spoke with a man at the pharmacy while we were waiting in line. I gave him and the man that was with him a million dollar bill. He said that he went to a local church. Alberto, Eswaldo, Victor, and his friend took Spanish gospel coins. After checking out, i noticed two men at the coin counting machine. I gave a coin to the man that was using the counter. The man that was waiting took one, too. I recognized him from when I had witnessed to him several months ago at the checkout. His name is Sylvester. I gave a million dollar bill to a man that was talking to John, who is the door greeter(and a Christian). Then, Clifford(who I have been praying for), got a coin, a million, and the Mitsake tract that is written by Tony Miano. Taylor, his co- worker got another million and the Mitsake tract. I spoke with Robert in the parking lot. I gave a million and asked if he knew where he was going when he died. He said that he hoped he was going to Heaven. He admitted that he was doing better than he was about 15 years ago. I also gave him The Bible Belt tract.
Two young men received Gospel coins at the gas pumps. Please pray that these seeds will take root and grow that these dear souls will be saved!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Tract On The Wall

I gave a million dollar peso tract to a Spanish man at this mexican restaurant several months ago. We ate there after church tonight. This is displayed where customers pay. I also gave a million dollar bill tract to a teller at a bank. She put it on her work area wall.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ministry Spotlight

Please pray for Strong Point Ministries. The Ministry will be in Africa from Sept. 19 to Nov. 15. This is from the ministry's website

"God has opened a door for us to labor in Africa for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are currently working in the Western Province of Kenya out of Kakamega, Kenya. We began a small work in Kenya in the spring of 2012. God truly opened our eyes to see the abundant needs that are in Kenya and other parts of Africa, and He placed a burden on our hearts to continue this work in Kenya. We saw many souls who needed to hear the gospel, a hunger for the word of God in the churches, a lack of resources for pastors, a lack of Bibles, and overwhelming poverty and suffering. It was truly heartbreaking to see pastors who had been preaching for three years with only a small Gideon New Testament, and had never even read the Old Testament because they could not afford a full Bible, while most American believers have two or three Bibles or more. However, we noticed that Africa has a very powerful resource that many American churches lack: Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit, surrendered totally to Jesus Christ, and who desire to see the name of Jesus Christ glorified above all things. We are so honored and blessed to be working with our beloved brothers and sisters in Kenya and other parts of Africa. 

God has given us a burden to bring many full Swahili Bibles and gospel tracts into Africa in the fall of 2012. We also saw a major need in the lives of needy and impoverished children, and felt the leading of the Spirit of God to build a small orphanage, outside of Kakamega, Kenya. After much prayer the Lord began to confirm through his word (more specifically: Psalm 68) that these desires would be met. God has proven His faithfulness by meeting many needs far above what we could ever ask or imagine! 

We will be working mostly in Kakamega, Kenya this fall, from September 19-November 15 as we bring in 2,000 or more Swahili Bibles, over 40,000 gospel tracts, books and resources for pastors, and observe the construction of the Hand of Mercy Children's Home which we are building. We will also be assisting with a pastor's conference in Western Kenya. God has also opened a door for us to preach in the remote areas of Uganda that have not heard the gospel, and we will be spending time there to help them start a church in the future. 

We look forward to seeing God move mightily in Kenya and Uganda this fall and would truly appreciate your prayers. We are so very thankful for those who have already supported us financially, prayerfully, and with words of encouragement. If you are interested in learning more about our foreign ministries, having a missions presentation at your church, or would like to know how you can get involved personally please feel free to contact us. 318.381.5592"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gospel Coins

After church today, we ate at Johnny's Pizza. One of our young people found this on a picture near the table where they were sitting. The Gospel coins are made in 96 languages by Village Ministries International. Their site address is

Monday, September 10, 2012

Evangelism Update - Sept. 8 and 10, 2012

 Evangelism Update - Sept. 8 and 10, 2012

We went out for two hours on Friday night to the Tsunami. Bro. JT, Bro. Garan, Bro. Charles, and Bro. JJ were on hand to witness. There were a few bands playing. We didn't preach, but we got to talk to several people. A few patrons yelled at us from the porch of the club. Will, who we talked to last time, was trying to convince us that he was ok. He is very prideful. John told us that he asked for forgiveness every night. He didn't comprehend the born-again experience. He cried when he talked about his father. His girlfriend, Julia, asked for prayer. Bro. Charles, Bro. Garan, and Bro. JT prayed with her. Rod had seen a preacher that lived in hypocrisy. He had his girlfriend on the phone as he talked with him. I gave him the blog address and contact info. He said that he would like to come to church. Jerry played in the same band that John was in. He goes to church with a man that I know. One man stopped as he was passing by. He recognized Bro.  Garan. Bro. JT and Bro. Garan talked with him for a little while. Eric, who had yelled at us from the porch earlier, came over to talk to us. Bro. JT had went to school with him. He calmed down as he spoke with everyone. Please pray all these that we spoke to.

On the way to work, I listened to another stirring message by Keith Daniel. The title is "Open Your Eyes!"
Here is a link:
As I was listening, I was going to Starbucks. I didn't have a lot of time to wait there. I decided to go to the Now-Save by the interstate( one of my favorite spots to witness). I gave an Are You Ready? tract to Ron as he was pumping his gas. He said that he hoped to go to heaven. I asked him to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5 when he got home. As I was going on the store, a man held the door open. I gave him a  Get Out of Hell Free tract. He said that he was saved. As we talked, he asked if I had been to Union Parish Detention Center in Farmerville.
He had been in there over 8 years ago when we went there for ministry. He remembered my testimony! His name is Mack. I gave a tract to Richard Thomas as I was leaving. I told him that my first name was Richard.(My full name is Richard Scott Thompson.)he said that he knew that he was saved.
On the way home from work, I did a Walmart walk-about in the Monroe store. All I needed was a gift card. I gave a tract to a man that had a six pack of beer in one hand. He gladly took it. I gave tracts to Courtney, Rico, and Terry. Terry was reading his in the foyer when I was leaving!
Time is short and laborers are few! It is time for the church to shine out the light as the darkness increases! We can be soul-winners in this last hour! Don't let the fear of man keep you from witnessing! Ask God for boldness to talk to people about their souls! He will answer your prayer!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Few "Don'ts" Of Gospel Tract Distribution

Here is a list of a few "Don'ts" when it comes to gospel tract etiquette. When giving tracts out, you want to be a good witness.

1) Don't leave a tract if you are not leaving a tip for your waiter or waitress when you go out to eat. I don't think that person would want to read it if they didn't receive a tip for their service.
2) Don't give a tract out that is stained, torn, wet, or creased. You want to make sure that it is in perfect condition.
3) Don't get upset if someone refuses a tract. If the person doesn't take it, there is always someone that will around the corner. For every reject, there are many takes!
4) Don't place them in mailboxes. It is against the law. Read this from the As You Go blog :
5) Don't go anywhere without tracts. There is always someone to witness to everywhere and many places to leave a tract. Gas pumps make great tract holders! The ministry of Gospel tracts can go a long way! God will use a tract when a person will not listen to you. When I give a tract to someone and time does not permit a conversation, I'll ask that person to read it when he or she can.
And last on this list: 6) Don't be discouraged! Discouragement is one of the greatest tools of the devil. He will tell you it's useless in giving out tracts. One of the biggest lies of the enemy is that tracts aren't effective. Tell that to Hudson Taylor! Tell that to Frank Genor! Tell that to all this who have been saved by reading a Gospel tract! Tell that to those who have put tracts into the hands of souls who are lost without Jesus! One cashier at Walmart told me that the tracts I gave her has her thinking! She is not saved yet, but I pray that she will be soon! Don't get discouraged! Don't give up! Keep on sowing seeds! Tracts do work! And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. (Galatians 6:9 KJV)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Soul-Winning Quote

Nail the colours to the mast! That is the right thing to do, and, therefore, that is what we must do, and do it now. What colours? The colours of Christ, the work He has given us to do - the evangelization of all the unevangelized.
-C.T. Studd