Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Delayed To Meet Demarte

Do you believe that delays could mean that a divine appointment is about to take place? I was delayed from getting off of work on time by two customers this evening. I needed to go to Lifeway before going home. After getting what I needed there, I slipped in to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a phone charging cord. Antonio helped me to find one. I gave him a "What happens after #YOLO? tract. I stopped at the Circle K to get gas. When going inside to pay, I got behind Demarte in line. The woman in front of him at the counter couldn't find her debit card. This gave me time to talk with Demarte, who is a high school senior. Take a guess at what tract I gave him. I asked him "What happens after you die?" He said that we don't know. "It's up to 'the Man'. We don't know till we get there." I asked him, "Isn't that gambling?" He agreed. I told him the illustration about the 10 speed limit signs, using Hwy. 165 as the road. Please pray that Demarte repents and puts his trust in Jesus! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Ark-La-Miss Fair Outreach - Sept. 19, 2014

We had a good night at the Ark-La-Miss fair with 5 of us giving out around 600 tracts in two hours. Rob, Braylyn, Steven, Jonathan, and I were on hand for this event.
There were many there for the first Friday night. Two tracts were well received. The What Happens After #Yolo tract was a hit with the young people. Almost everyone who took one knew what YOLO means. Some smiled when they were offered this tract. A few said that they didn't know what happens after living once. The $1,000,000 Eye Test was a good one to use, too. It is based on the $1,000,000 Eye Test booth at the State Fair Of Texas Outreach, where we will be on October the 19th. I would ask people to take the test when they read the tract. One young man said that he needed to get his eyes checked! I was able to ask a few about how valuable their eye sight is and how more valuable there soul is. We gave out three of the Spanish Ten Commandments tract. 3 young Christian woman told us that they were glad we were out there. I gave them 3 tracts each and invitations to join the tract club. I was able to take Michael, Bryson, and Mickey through the good person test. Each one said that they would be guilty and go to hell. I used the illustration about going through 10 speed limit signs over the limit and being taken to court. I used the street at the front of the fair as where they broke the law. Rob and I talked with a Hindu man who had just moved here from California. He took two tracts. Please pray that the seeds that were planted will grow into eternal life for many!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Upcoming Events: The Ark-La-Miss Fair And TheTexas State Fair

Two events on our schedule are the Ark-La-Miss Fair in Monroe and the Texas State Fair held in Dallas. On September the 19th, we will be giving out tracts near the front gate of the Ark-La-Miss fair. We have been to this one several years in a row. We always try to make it one night of the 10 that it is held on. Last year, we gave out a good amount of tracts and had one on ones. Please pray for fruit. 
On October the 19th, Bro. Gary and I will be going  to participate in the State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach. I went for the first time last year. (Check out my posts from last year about my trip and experiences.) The Full Gospel Businessmen Of America 
sponsor the Million Dollar Eye Test booth.
We will be wilth Carl Kalbfleish again this year. Last year was the first time that we have met in person. We work together through Bezeguen Ministries. I was really encouraged by being there last year. People stand outside of the booth, inviting the fair goers to take the million dollar eye test. The people inside the booth take them through the "test". They will ask if that person would trade one eye for a million dollars. Usually, the person will respond with no. The next question asks "What about both eyes for 100 million dollars?" The next question is "How much more valuable is your soul?" 
Then the person is taken through the Ten Commandments (the Good Person test). 
Please pray that souls are awakened to see that their need for the Savior. Please pray for these outreaches.