Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Night Evangelism - June 12, 2015

I left a few Are You Lucky? tracts on the lottery display at Super One. I slipped a few John 3:16 tracts in a few alcoholic beverage packs. I had a good evening of witnessing at Walmart. Felix took the Spanish Yolo tract. He said that he is catholic and works out of town. I asked him to read the tract. Carlos, Keyonte and his two friends took the Yolo tract in the toy section. I gave the Camo Card tract to Eric. He said that he wasn't a Christian and attempted to give me the tract back. I asked him to keep it. He is a sushi chef at a local restaurant. I gave the John 3:16 tract to Matthew in the freezer section. He quoted John 3:16, but said that he wasn't saved. He was raised in church, but got away "because of life".  I told him that I would pray for him. Demario, who was working in the pet area, showed me the iPhone tract that I gave him a while back when I gave him the Yolo tract. Daniel, Roy, and Demetris took the Yolo tract. Demetris was stumped when I took him through 4 of the Commandments. I gave the Yolo tract to a young man who looked like he had "swag". I assumed that he was gay. When we were getting our groceries into our van, his car was in front of us. I gave another Yolo tract to his friend who was sitting in the passenger seat. Three others took the Yolo tract before we left.

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