Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Ronald Reagan Million Dollar Bill

This week I received my order of the Ronald Reagan million dollar bill from One Million Tracts. I put some in my pocket when I went to lunch at Podnuh's. The two men behind the counter received them after asking about the one in my pocket. Picking up an item at the Walmart pharmacy after work, Alicia made a comment about the "money" in my pocket. I explained that it had the million dollar question on the back. She said that she knew that she wasn't going to Heaven. I challenged her to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5 tonight. Audrey, her co-worker, took one, too. She also said that she wasn't ready for Heaven.
Can you see the fields that are ripe for harvest? Everyday we pass by multitudes that aren't saved! Everyday many die and go to an eternal place called hell! We talk with Christians that don't have a clue about sharing their faith! We have everything within our grasp to make us effective soul-winners! We have prayer, the Word of God, the power of the Holy Ghost, and Gospel tracts! Most of all, we have the Light of the world: Jesus Christ! What is holding you back, Christian friend? It's time to take that first step in evangelizing where you are! Ask God to make you a soul-winner!


  1. Scott, Christians actually DO have a clue about sharing their faith! Unregenerate pew sitters-church goers who are lost - they DON'T!
    Thanks for sharing your stories! God bless your efforts to reach out the lost as you go!

  2. Amen, Kostya. Anyone who has a genuine experience will share their faith!!