Friday, August 30, 2013

Steven and Bruce

I went to the West Monroe Walmart after work to pick up a few things. On the way in, I saw two men in a truck leaving. I gave one to the driver. I offered one to the passenger, but he said that I had already gave him one. I asked what his name was. He said "Steven". I remembered that I had talked to him at the Monroe Walmart. I checked my Twitter timeline to find out that I had gave him one on Monday evening. I see him again with a friend, who gets the same tract!
After I left the store, I went to get gas in front of Walmart. There was a man sitting in a car on the other side of the pump that I was at. I gave him a Football Trivia tract and explained what it was about. I asked if he knew where he was gong when he died, He said that a pastor had asked him that same question several years ago (just like Herbert from Wed. Night!). I told him that it was something very serious to think about. He seemed to be touched by our conversation. Please pray for Steven, his friend, and Bruce!

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