Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Everyday Club

The Everyday Club has moved to the "As You Go" blog due to some changes in the life of Steve Sanchez. His blog is currently called "Stone The Preacher". He is changing the name to "Not By Sight" because of his walk of faith as a Pastor. (See the blog @
I found out about the Bezeugen Tract Club through his blog around June of 2011. Through the club, I have been encouraged to witness to more people through tract evangelism. I have had more one on one conversations and left tracts in more places. I would email pictures of places where I left tracts to Carl Kalbfleisch from Bezeugen ministries. One day in January of 2012, Carl invited me to post on the "As You Go" blog. This blog encourages Christians to witness "As You Go". I accepted his invitation and posted for the first time on Feb. 6th, 2012. I post about witnessing experiences with the tracts from the club and pictures of places where I have left a tract. I am grateful to Carl for allowing me to post on the blog. It has encouraged me knowing that others can be encouraged through these posts. Now, as Steve Sanchez makes his transition to Austin, Texas from California, the Everyday Club has come to the "As You Go" blog. I will be doing a post at the first of every month, asking the members to post about their monthly experiences in witnessing. Read about this club that ask those who join to make a commitment to share there faith on a daily basis on the "As You Go" blog. You can find it under "Soul-Winning Friends" on the front of this page or go to

Join the Everyday Club today and be encouraged to witness "as you go" everyday!

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