Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friday Night Evangelism - November 30, 2012

We met around 10:30 at Walmart to go to the Tsunami and The Hookin' Bull.
We had six men on the team for tonight's witnessing: Bro. Keith, a pastor from Rayville, Bro. Garan, Bro. Ian, Bro, J.T., Bro Gary, and me. The band at the Tsunami was playing loud and proud when we arrived on the scene. Bro. Keith started the witnessing with going to the front of the bar to talk to a few people. He talked with a young man named Jeremy and Donnie, the manager of the bar. Donnie always comes out to talk with us. He is not as hostile toward us like he was when we started going there last year. A young man named Jordan came over to talk with us. He said that he had studied different religions like the Muslim faith. Several of the men tried to persuade him that there was just one way to be saved. He had a lot of head knowledge.
When the band took a break, I took that as a cue to preach for a few minutes. I said that it was time for a Bible break. Two band members came out and went back in the bar. A crowd walking out The Hookin' Bull was yelling at us. I called them the "amen corner". The " Heckler of The Night" award goes to "Damion". He told us that he talked to the devil on a regular basis. He was intoxicated. He did say at one time that he loved us. When his friend called him Justin, Bro. J.T. asked him about that. He said that his name was Justin Damion. When I asked what his last name was, he said "satan". He did take some tracts. We had prayed before we started that God would touch a backslider. Bro. J.T. approached a couple that was going to The Hookin' Bull. The woman said that she was a preacher's daughter. He said that her eyes got a little glassy. Another young man from the Tsunami said that he was a preacher's son. When Bro. Gary asked where his dad preached, he said that he didn't want to embarrass his dad.
I saw a young man riding a bike where the vehicles were parked. His name was Josh. He said that he went to a church, but couldn't remember the name of it. I asked him where he would go if he died that night. He said that he would probably go to hell. I took him through three of the Ten Commandments. He gave me the same answer at the end. He left with two tracts.
Several others took tracts. The last couple we witnessed to were leaving. The woman took a tract , but the man was hateful toward Bro. J.T. He was a miserable person. Please pray for our street ministry. God has answered prayer with more evangelistic-minded men coming out with us. There are still
many that need to be reached with the Gospel net!

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