Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Evangelism

I finally got around to putting "Are You Ready" on the cross that we have been using for street ministry. I held it at a corner in West Monroe for about 20 minutes on my lunch. This is a very busy intersection. A lot of people waved. One man yelled "I'm ready!" Another said "That is a great question."
After work, I gave out three million dollar pesos to Jorge (at the UPS store), Harvey, and Alfredo (at Walmart). I gave a tract to a man that had paid a visit to my pastor on a sales call about a copy machine. We started talking after I gave him the tract. He said that he wasn't a Christian. As we talked, he told me about meeting my pastor. I believe that the Lord had me there at the right time! Time is short! We need to reach out to the lost as much as we can!

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