Friday, March 30, 2012

Evangelism On Tuesday And Thursday

I held the cross twice more this week on the corner of Louisville Ave. and Lamy Lane in Monroe. On Tuesday, I was hoping to give out a few tracts while I was there. Two men walked toward me, but both went around me.
There wasn't anyone walking by on Thursday. On Thursday morning at Grandy's, I gave a Mancard to a Monroe police officer that I had met several weeks ago. I gave him another one to give to the policeman that was with him. The woman that took my order received a Hoppy Easter tract.
When I went to Walmart after work, I gave a tract to James and a woman that was behind me in line. It is so easy to give out tracts. People will take them most of the time when you are polite and smiling as you talk with them. Have you gave any tracts out today? Someone is waiting!

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