Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ark-La-Miss Fair - Sept. 23, 2011

The fair is back in town ! We try to evangelize at this event every year. There was six of us this time: Bro. JJ, Bro. Buddy, Bro. Jonathan, Bro. Lanny and his friend, Bro. John. This is the largest crowd drawer that we go to in this area. There were people everywhere ! When we arrived about 9:30 pm, we took our position across from the main entrance on the corner of the city courthouse. We estimated that we gave out between 800 - 1000 tracts.We used most of our signs. We attempted to preach, but there was a steady flow of traffic. There were many who told us that they were saved, but there was a few of them that we weren't too sure about. Many people claim the name, but play the game ! A lot of people will tell you that they are a Christian, but their lives say otherwise ! One man, who had a bottle of beer in a bag, told me that he went to church every Sunday. We talked to him while his buddy threw his bottle down. I guess he didn't see the police that were about ten to twelve feet from us. These two were escorted from the grounds via police cars !
We stayed till about 12:30 am. I was hoping that we could have done more one on ones. Please pray for those who kept the tracts. We saw many put them in their pockets. I asked several to read their tract after the fair. God's will was done as the Gospel went forth.
I am so thankful for brothers who are willing to go to the streets to share their faith in our faithful Lord. How are you doing in your evangelism efforts ?
God Bless !

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