Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Story Of The Tetelestai Tract From Bezeugen

This is one of the two new tracts in the August tract club mailing. This is taken from the Bezeugen website.

The Story of the Tetelestai tract

One day, a couple of years, ago I was standing in line at the Chick-Fil-A at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX to buy my lunch. While I was standing in line I struck up a conversation with the guy behind me, a young man probably in his mid to late 20′s. As we stood in line we were talking and I learned that he worked in the mall. Eventually, the topic of spiritual things came up. I was explaining that eternal life is a free gift because the penalty has already been paid for our sin. I said, it was as if his lunch had been paid for. I was next up to order. I placed my order and when the cashier, who turned out to be the manager on duty, asked me “is that all” I said, “no, I also want whatever he is getting” and pointed to the young man I was talking with. So that manager looked at him and said, “what would you like?” The young man felt uncomfortable having me, a complete stranger, buy him lunch and refused to order. But the manager, who had been hearing the conversation, said, “I can’t close out this ticket until you place your order.”

So finally he placed his order.

What happened next amazed us both!

As I was expecting the manager to tell me the total for the order instead he said, “I’ve taken care of it for you both.” WOW! What an awesome demonstration. The young man was deeply impacted. When I walked by the kiosk where he worked a little later he told me that he had called his wife and shared with her what an awesome thing had happened.

There are many ways to make the connection to something that has been paid in full. Start in the natural realm with things that people think about being paid. Or use a real world demo like described above. You can pay for someones coffee, gas for their car, groceries, etc. You can even pay for the car behind you at the drive thru and then hand two tracts to the cashier. Ask them to give one to the people in the next car along with their food and let the tract explain that their food has been “paid in full” just like their sin!

The week before Thanksgiving (2013) a friend and member of the tract club called me and suggested the idea for this tract. He described the whole thing in a voice message. Seemed like a great idea and it tied in nicely with the things that we have done to use the analogy. Then a couple days later another friend called left a message and said, “I’d like to talk to talk with you about an idea for a tract.” When I called him back the idea he shared was the same idea of a tract to hand to someone to let them know a bill had been paid in full. Isn’t it amazing how God uses multiple people to share an idea. Prompting each of us in our own way shows that He is at work in the midst of it. So we continued praying, had more discussion and this tract is the result of all of these things.

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