Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday Night Witnessing

We were at Walmart tonight when our shifting cable broke in our van. Our friend from church, who is a mechanic, came to our rescue to give it a temporary fix. As we were going back into Walmart to get a few groceries, I saw two Mormon elders who were leaving. I approached them as they were going to their bikes. I recognized Elder Bloodworth, who I gave a Hoppy Easter tract to at McDonald's before Easter. He remembered me. Elder Mobley was the name of the other. I presented them both with  a Spurgeon Million from Gospel Tract Planet. I told them that I was an evangelical Christian; that the tract presented the law and the gospel. I also told them that we did street ministry. We didn't debate doctrine or get into an argument. Please pray that's these two men will receive the truth and get born again!

In Walmart, I gave out several tracts. We ran into a man who I met there a while back. I told him what happened with the Mormons. He was well versed amount Mormon teachings and has witnessed to some. I gave him an invitation to join the Bezeugen Tract Club. A dentist, who I know, came up while we were talking. Later, he asked what we were doing. I was able to gib him a million dollar bill, too. He is Catholic, but he goes to a Church of Christ Bible study. 

Afterwards, we went to Taco Bell. I gave Alfred a ManCard. He said that he was a Christian and that he was going through a divorce after 21 years of marriage. I said a quick prayer for him and his wife there. I also gave millions to several employees. As we were leaving, I gave a tract to a Buddhist college student named Sanjae. He is from Nepal. He said that there were Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, and Christians there. Please pray that he will be saved through reading the tract. How did you do in witnessing today? 

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