Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Witnessing - July 17, 2015

After work, I went to Super One where I gave Skeet the new Eternity: Where? tract(which will be out in a few months). He was getting a case of beer. Quintell, Marcus, and Lawrence took the Yolo tract. Samantha and Anthony, two employees, took the Thank You tract. Anthony showed me where the light bulbs were. They were out of the 35 pack of water that I buy, so I went to Walmart where Shandrika took the Thank You Tract. At the pumps, Randall took the Yolo tract. Tameka, who worked at the pumps, asked me for a "card" when I went to get a gas card. She saw me hand the one to Randall. She said that she was saved and witnessed. I gave her several tracts and invited her to join the Bezeugen Tract Club. Bro. JT, Bro. Charles, Bro. Gary, and I were going to preach at a bar tonight, but there were other street preachers there. We went to Walmart and gave out several tracts. We were able to talk with some. Linda and Ced talked with us for a few minutes. That was one of the best encounters of the night. I asked one man if he were to die, where would he go. He said "Probably to where I don't need to". Bro. Gary and Bro. Charles had a real good talk with Michael. One man laughed after he refused a tract from Bro. Charles. Bro. JT ran into a man who he went to school with. I saw two customers from where I work. Please pray for the seeds that were planted tonight. 

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