Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Story Of The Two Cars Crashing Tract

Every tract has a story. This one originates from the middle of a conversation. Or the middle of many conversations I should say. What happens at times is you get into a conversation. You transition the conversation to spiritual things. Eventually you are talking about how awesome God is. Except, the person you are talking to, doesn’t even believe that God exists. What do you do?

Recently a caller to the ministry had received a Gospel tract at a National Day of Prayer event in Ohio. He suggested that when we hand out Gospel tracts the tract should first “prove that God exists.” I asked if he could prove that God does not exist. He said, “you can not prove a negative.” Well, actually you can, if you possess all the knowledge in the Universe… in which case you yourself would be God!

Over the past few years as people bring up things like the Big Bang and evolution, I’ll ask them questions like “who is responsible for the Big Bang?”, “where did the energy for the bang come from?”, “Where did the first living cell come from to create the chain of events to start the evolutionary process.

Amazingly each one who puts their trust in these things and science in particular will answer “I don’t know” or “scientists are working on it.” So I ask them to imagine two old jalopies driving down the road at high speed right towards each other. When they reach a very high speed they crash right into each other – head on! Then I ask them, “what happens next?”

As if they don’t get it, I go on to explain that a Ferrari is not going to come driving out. Yet that is what some would have you think – a massive explosion that creates order. Nope! The answer is right in the Bible – Genesis 1. God spoke it all into existence. He created it with order. Order that would have the sun rise in a particular way. Order that would allow your eye to focus on this text and read it.

A few months ago my friend Chris Fox sent me a text that said something like “have you thought about making a tract about creation?” We talked on the phone. I shared the background of how I’ve used this analogy plenty of times. So we worked together to develop the text.

So how do you use this tract? It could be one that you “hold in your back pocket” until the time arises that someone opens this box of science, evolution and the Big Bang. When they do, you’ll be equipped to share this with them. Or, it could be you just go up to someone and say, “can I ask you an interesting question?” when they agree follow with “see these two cards right here crashing at high speed? What do you think happens next?” Then see where the conversation goes from there. Or maybe, this is a good tract to leave in a gas pump credit card slot for people to read while they are pumping gas into their car.

Which ever method you use to get the two cars crash head on tract distributed we hope and pray it will be used to the glorify God and bring men to the foot of the cross so that they can repent and believe the Gospel.

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