Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Witnessing - July 13, 2015

At lunch, I called in a take out order of nachos at El Chile Verde. When I went in, I gave the Spanish Yolo tact to the man who was seating customers. I left a stack of them at the counter when I paid, hoping that Spanish customers would pick them up. 
After work: I gave Ron the Yolo tract at the Walmart neighborhood market has pumps. I also slipped one to a man who was going to pay for his gas. At the super Walmart, Gruven and Rocillio, who parked near me, took the Spanish Yolo tract. Jamion, who was probably 16 or 17, was sitting on the bench near the pharmacy. He knew what Yolo meant when he saw the tract. He had a hospital band on his wrist. He said that he had stomach cramps. He had been shot right abode the stomach two weeks ago! I told him that he was fortunate to be alive. When I asked him what happens after we live once, he said "It's over!". I told him the illustration from Hell's Best Kept Secret about the ten speed limit signs. Please pray that Jamion repents and turns to Jesus! 

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