Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday Witnessing -November 14, 2015

I met both #DailyTractChallenges for today. One was to give out 14 tracts in honor of Carl's birthday. At Goodwill, I gave Yolo tracts to 3 who were with a Georgia ladies volleyball team. I gave a tract to a man wearing camo at Walmart. Two Spanish men took Yolo tracts when we went in. I gave out a few Football Trivia tracts, one to a man wearing a Washington Redskins jacket. Ralph took a Spanish Yolo tract. He thought that he had seen me somewhere. He said that his wife was a Christian. He had been going to church with her for the last month. A Hindu man took the May The Lord Be With You tract when we were at the checkout. Kimple took the Eternity:Where? tract at Super One when I asked him if he had plans for eternity. He said that he didn't. At Taco Bell, the cashier took the Thank You tract.

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