Saturday, March 17, 2012

Witnessing: This Week In Review

I am having a great time using the various tracts that I have received. The Mancard continues to be a hit with the men. I have gave out over half of the 100 trillion dollar bills. The Hoppy Easter tract is great for this season of the celebration of the resurrection.

Monday: At Chile Verde, we left a trillion dollar bill for our waiter. I gave a million dollar peso to Marcela. When we went to GameStop to get a DS game for my oldest son, we left two of the You're In Control tract for a game player or employee to read. I left a Hoppy Easter tract on an Easter candy display at Super One. At Walmart, I gave a million dollar peso to Chavez. In the parking lot, I talked with Jonathan while handing him a Mancard.

Tuesday: I ate lunch with my family at McDonald's. I wanted to give a tract to a young man that was sitting close to us. He was leaving the same time we were. I was able to give him a Mancard tract and explain to him what it was about. A lot of times we look at people and think "How can I witness to that one?" One time as we were flying out to California to see my mother-in-law, we had a brief lay over in Salt Lake City. In one of the restaurants, I saw a man that had a pink mohawk. As I prepared to give him a tract, I was sure that he would be rough and tough. He proved me wrong. He took the tract and thanked me!
I had a few minutes to wait for my wife to pick me up after work. I walked to the library to see if I could do some witnessing there. A lot of people in scrubs and medical uniforms were going in. They were having a class or meeting in the back of the library. I gave out 3 Mancards near that entrance. I went to the front where I gave out 2 more. As I gave out the second one, a boy approached me. He said that his uncle wanted one of what I was handing out. I gave the Mancard to the boy and followed him to the vehicle where his uncle was. I told him that I was giving out Gospel tracts. His name is John. I asked him if he was saved. He said that he knew that he needed to get baptized. I told him that baptism didn't save. I also talked to him about repentance. He has no clue what I was giving out. I believe that the Lord had me at the library for a reason! I gave him the Hoppy Easter tract and the Gospel of John with Romans. His nephew got one of each, also.
At the Piccadilly, one of the servers thought I had an American Expess card when she saw the trillion dolllar bills in my pocket. That opened the door to give her and two other servers one. We left a Hoppy Easter tract with the tip for our waitress.

Wednesday: At lunchtime I paid my electric bill at a new business because the one that I had been paying at was no longer participating. At Able Finance, I gave a trillion dollar bill to a customer and the woman that took
my payment. I also had left one at my bank's ATM.
We had jail ministry at Claiborne detention center in Homer on Wednesday night. Bro. JJ, Bro. Day, and I went. We had a great service. A young man named Corey prayed for salvation at the altar call! He seemed sincere. It is refreshing to see a soul respond to the conviction of the Spirit of God! We gave out several tracts to the men. Sometimes the men will take tracts and distribute them to other inmates that don't come to service.
As we were leaving, we spoke to a woman in the front who was checking on her husband or boyfriend. I gave her a trillion dollar bill. She said that it might bring her luck. I gave her an Are You Lucky tract and told her what the tracts were about. Three others took tracts at McDonald's.

Thursday: We went to the Chevron after church. I gave a trillion dollar bill to Gage who had got a Mancard a few weeks back. He showed me where it was punched three times! He had also picked up a Get Out Of Hell Free card that my son had put there one other night. I gave a trillion dollar bill to a woman and her boyfriend. She thought I was giving her money! He was buying beer. I gave him one and a Mancard to go along with it.

Friday: Lunchtime: I had to do my usual routine by taking care of the laundry mat business. As I was leaving, I gave out 5 Are You Lucky tracts to customers. I said "Here's your green for tomorrow. It's a gospel tract."
After work, I had to pick up a few things. As I went through the store, I gave out 5 trillion dollar bills. I said the same to them as I said to the people at the laundry mat. At the register, I gave some tracts to a woman and her son. I pray that they will be encouraged to witness. I gave my last Are You Lucky tract to the man that worked at the register. In the parking lot, I gave 2 young men the Are You A Good Person tracts. Another man received a Hoppy Easter tract. How was your week?

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