Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Witnessing - 9/24/2012

This morning: I stopped at the Circle K where "Mrs. Nita" works (This is on her name tag). She has told us hat she reads the tracts that we leave in the store. I have brought her new tracts lately. She wasn't working today, so I gave her co-worker a Gospel coin to give to her when she gets back to work. I also gave one to both of her co-workers. I gave one to a man as he was leaving. I placed The Biggest Gamble tract on the lottery display. As I was leaving, I spoke with a man that was pumping gas. He said that he was saved. He is a firefighter that has worked with a couple
of men that I know. I saw a Spanish couple that had stopped for gas. I gave a Spanish Gospel coin to the man and asked him to give one to his wife.
At the NowSave by the I-20, I gave Gospel coins to Lloyd, Lavelle, and Ricardo. Ricardo came back in the store to ask for coins for his mother and girlfriend!
Super One was the spot for lunch. I talked to two Spanish men at the deli. I gave Antonio a Spanish coin. Anyo took one in English.
I went to Walmart after work. I gave a coin to an employee that had got a tract before. As I was going in, I gave a coin to a man that was smoking. Duane took one in the foyer. I spoke with a man at the pharmacy while we were waiting in line. I gave him and the man that was with him a million dollar bill. He said that he went to a local church. Alberto, Eswaldo, Victor, and his friend took Spanish gospel coins. After checking out, i noticed two men at the coin counting machine. I gave a coin to the man that was using the counter. The man that was waiting took one, too. I recognized him from when I had witnessed to him several months ago at the checkout. His name is Sylvester. I gave a million dollar bill to a man that was talking to John, who is the door greeter(and a Christian). Then, Clifford(who I have been praying for), got a coin, a million, and the Mitsake tract that is written by Tony Miano. Taylor, his co- worker got another million and the Mitsake tract. I spoke with Robert in the parking lot. I gave a million and asked if he knew where he was going when he died. He said that he hoped he was going to Heaven. He admitted that he was doing better than he was about 15 years ago. I also gave him The Bible Belt tract.
Two young men received Gospel coins at the gas pumps. Please pray that these seeds will take root and grow that these dear souls will be saved!

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