Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Story Of The Are You Lucky? Tract From Bezeugen Ministries

“If there is a Heaven, will you go there when you die?”

I’ve asked this questions hundreds if not thousands of times by now. Notice the question is intentionally vague asking “if”. Rather than asserting that there is a Heaven it asks the question in the hypothetical. The answers vary. But all to often I hear “I hope so” or “If I am Lucky!”

I’ll ask the person if they are counting on luck to get home today. Or do you have a plan of which plane, train or automobile to take? Do you have a route in mind? Or do you just travel aimlessly until you might reach your destination. Most reasonable people will agree that they would never make it home without a plan.

Getting to Heaven is the same. There is one way (Jesus). Hope and Luck have nothing to do with it. This tract is a fun way to engage people in a conversation. The question on the front merely asks them if they are lucky and a quick test to find out by pressing their thumb on the shamrock for 8 seconds. People love the intrigue of these tracts to find out if the shamrock will change color. When it doesn’t change it gives you an opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

We hope and pray that the Are You Lucky tract will make sharing the Gospel fun this St Patrick’s Day.


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