Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Using The "On A Scale Of 0 to 10...." Tract

I've been having a great time using this tract. It gets a response! Ronnie wouldn't take it at Walmart yesterday until after we had a coversation. He said that we can't know where we are going and then pulled out the "hypocrites in the church" card. I'm glad that he took the tract when we parted. Two people have said "I'm not sure." and just walked away. Maybe God has been dealing with them. Christopher told me "5" after I asked him the question. While I was waiting for my wife after work this evening, I walked to the NowSave. I asked Mac the question while I gave him the tract and while he was putting beer in a cooler. He said 7. His friend, Sham, said the same. I asked them to read the tract when they could. I gave Tavarus one at the gas pumps. He said "I know that I need to get right!". 

I'm glad that I can say "10", but there are so many that can't. Let's keep on working so that they can! 

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