Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth Of July Fireworks Display / Monroe,La. -July 7, 2012

Before I made it to meet up with everyone, I stopped in Sterlington to give tracts to Mike and his fiancé where that had a firework stand. They were waiting for their fireworks and tent to be picked up. I had met Mike at the laundry mat last week. He is from Sibley, which is near New Orleans. I wanted to make sure he had got a tract before he left. While I was talking to him, his fiancé came out of their travel trailer. I gave her the Bible Belt tract, too. I gave an Are You A Good Person tract to Mike's grandson. When Mike saw it, he said that he had picked one up at the gas station. It was one that Bro. J.J. had placed on the gas pump! Tracts do get taken!
We met a little after 7:30 behind the golf course of Forsythe Park. The Monroe Jaycees were shooting off the fireworks on the Ouachita River. The crowd was gathering on the levee and at the Forsythe Park. We passed out tracts as we walked toward the levy. Bro. Gary gave a tract to a deaf man. We gave out tracts to some young people in the park. Everyone split up in different directions. Most of the people were taking the tracts. We were giving out a lot of The Bible Belt Tracts. I gave out the rest of the Celebrate Freedom tracts, except for one that I found in my pocket later.
One of the highlights was talking with a Jewish man named Tripper. I gave him a tract to start the conversation. Bro. J.T. talked with him about Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, and the prophecies that pointed to Jesus being the Messiah. He was real open. Bro. J.T. gave him a This Was Your Life tract, also. Please pray for Tripper.
I talked with John, who was a Vietnam vet. He said that talked to God everyday. He thanked me for giving him the tract. Bro.J.T. gave tracts to 3 men who were Muslims.
Walking back to where our vehicles were parked, we handed out tracts as we went. Then, we had to wait for traffic to die down in order to leave. While waiting, I gave out around 20 million dollar bill tracts to some who were in vehicles. One woman who was in a convertible offered me frisbees and can huggers. I said " I'll give you a million for them!" as i gave her the tract. Then, Bro. J.T. gave her The Bible Belt tract. The frisbees and can huggers were from a bar in Monroe called the cave. That woman could have been one of the owners!
I would like to thank all the men that came out to evangelize at this event: Bro. McGuire, Bro. J.T., Bro. Ian, Bro. Garan, Bro. Gary, and Simon. Pray that we can see some fruit from our labors!

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