Friday, July 20, 2012

This Week In Witnessing (7/16/12 - 7/20/12)

Monday - AM- I parked in the library parking lot beside the loan store where I pay my electric bill. When I came out, I saw people in front of the library. I went over and spoke with Paul first after giving him a million dollar bill. He saw himself guilty after I took him through 3 of the commandments. Quincy said that he was going to Heaven. When I took him through the law, he said that he was going to hell. I challenged him to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5. I talked with Smiley at the Thomas Rd. NowSave. I told him to keep on smiling. He said that I has made his day.
After work, I gave a Bible Belt tract to the woman at the register in the lawn and garden dept. of Walmart. I went the opposite direction of where I parked when I bought a gas card for the pumps. I gave Destiny and Corey a million dollar bill tract. Corey had her hair dyed in wild colors and several body piercings in her face. Pray that the Lord will speak to these young women.

Tuesday - AM - At the I-20 Nowsave, I gave 2 million dollar bills to men that were in front of me in line. When the woman at the register saw me doing this, she asked for one. I had gave her one about a month or so ago. She is a Hindu. As Keith was leaving the store, I gave him a tract. We talked for about 3 minutes.
PM - After work, I went to the Monroe Walmart. I gave Miguel a Trivia Del Futbol tract. I gave a million dollar bill to Lamarcus, who was working at the self-checkout. In the parking lot, I spoke with Larry. He was parked beside me. I asked him to read the Bible that night.

Wednesday - AM- I went to pick up tracts at the post office. I gave the Bible Belt to a man inside.
PM- After work, I went to the car wash beside where I had parked. I had left two tracts in the change machines that morning. They were on the ground. I motioned to a man that was driving off with a cup on the top of his car. I gave him a tract, How Much Would You Bet?, when he got out. I explained what the tract was about. He said that he wasn't saved. I challenged him to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5.
When I was going home, Quez and Kevin were standing in the driveway that leads to our home. Kevin asked me for a quarter. I gave him 50 cents and a million dollar bill.

Thursday - At lunch, Matt was walking on the sidewalk in front of where I work. I gave him a million dollar bill. He said that he was going to Heaven. J pray that he reads the back of the tract. As I was leaving the bread store, a young Muslim man receive a million while he was on the phone. The woman behind the counter at Circle K took one, too. Before going into the Sterlington Chevron with my children this evening, I gave Scotty a million dollar bill.

Friday - AM- At the I-20 NowSave, I offered a Bible Belt Tract to a man outside. He said that he had been saved for a long time. I gave a How Much Will You Bet? Tract to a man that was walking out of the store. Near the coolers, I gave a tract to Monquez. He asked if I had singled him out. I told him that I had gave a tract to the man that was leaving the store. He saw me give a tract to Ladarrius in the front. David took a tracy as he was going in. At the pumps, Brad told me that he was a devout catholic. Marcus opened the door of his work truck which gave me the opportunity to give him a million dollar bill.

PM- At Walmart, I gave a Where Will You Spend Eternity? tract to Tim. Marcello and Carlos took the Trivia Del Futbol tract in the clothing department.
I gave Clay a How Much Would You Bet? tract when he choose a beer.
At Fred's, I gave a How Much Would You Bet? tract to Quincy at the front. I talked with Jordan when I gave him a Bible Belt tract. He is hitchhiking to central Louisiana. I also gave him a Where Will You Spend Eternity? Tract (which is in this month's Bezeugen Tract Club shipment).

Where are the lost? Everywhere! I get excited when I witness! There are times when I wish I had more time to witness when I am at different places. Who is going to tell them about Jesus? Who is going to reach out with the Gospel to the perishing? It's got to be believers who are obedient to God's commands! Paul told Agrippa: Whereupon, O king Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision: (Acts 26:19 KJV)
What has God told Christians who have been washed In the blood of the lamb? Go! We have to go with the Gospel everyday, every place! We have to tell them! Mark Cahill said this:

"It's not how can I share my faith, It's how can I not share my faith."

We can't afford not to witness! If we keep silent, more will plunge into hell! If we don't move toward them, the cults will! The reason I post these witnessing encounters is to encourage others in soul-winning! This also encourages me! We must ask the Lord to lead us to divine appointments! Let's run after the lost!

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