Monday, July 9, 2012

This Week In Witnessing (7/2/12 - 7/7/12)

Monday- At Walmart after work, I spoke with Antonio, Paulette, Stephan, and Harvey. I really challenged Paulette to read her Bible. She said that she liked church, but wasn't saved. Tricia, a carhop at Sonic, took a Celebrate Freedom tract. Jamal got one, too, while getting cash from an atm at the Chevron.

Tuesday - Before I went to work, I met
three Christian that worked for Coca Cola and Pepsi. The man that worked for Pepsi is a pastor of a church. I had met him when I had first became a Christian. I gave a Celebrate Freedom tract to Chris and his co-worker. They worked for an automotive shop. That evening at the mall, I gave a tract to Isaiah. He said that he didn't know where he was going when he died . I challenged him to read Romans 10. I gave three Celebrate Freedom tracts out at bus stop in front of the mall. One man was interested in ordering tracts. At the Dollar General, Derek was the first to get The Bible Belt tract in Sterlington. At the Chevron, Robert and his girlfriend had been looking for a certain alcoholic drink. They found it there. They also received The Bible Belt tract.

Wednesday I gave The Bible Belt tract to Tim, who I had talked to about 2 weeks ago at the laundry matt. James got one, also, at Fred's. Before leaving Fred's, I gave a Trivia Del Futbol tract to Carlos.

Thursday - I took my wife to a doctor appointment. After I dropped her off at the front, I parked. While going in, I put a few tracts in the doors of vehicles. I gave tracts to Wroo, David, and two others before going in. Inside, I saw my friend Glenn, who I haven't seen in a while. I gave him a Celebrate Freedom tract. Neil took one,too. He had a broke arm. I heard Cedric's name called as he walked by. The next time I saw him, I said his name and gave him a Celebrate Freedom tract.
Lester and Terry took the Bible Belt tract after I got our van to pick up my wife at the front.
This is got to be the highlight of the week! We went to McDonald's for lunch before I went to work. I was putting our trash in the can when a man who I was going to give a tract to spoke to me. He asked if I was a doctor from the hospital that is across the street. I told him what kind of work I do. He said that he grew up in the optical business. His name is Mohammed. He is a Muslim. He asked about the million dollar peso that was in my pocket( I offered it to a man named Mark who I thought was Spanish). I told him that I gave out tracts everywhere I go. He said that he was studying about the Trinity. He was real sincere and seemed to be seeking. I gave him several tracts and the link to the blog. This is most likely the best conversation that I have had with a Muslim. Please pray that Mohammed will put his faith and trust in Jesus!

Friday - I gave out 2 tracts before work and 4 at the hospital while visiting a sick co-worker.
After work, Fernando and Antonio were waiting in line at the money service center in Walmart. Fernando is catholic. His brother is a pastor in Monterrey, Mexico. I gave them million dollar pesos, the Trivia Del Futbol tract , and a Gospel of John in Spanish. I also spoke to Octavio, who is a Christian.

Saturday - Two of my children and I went to Super One and Walmart. I gave out a few tracts at each store. We stopped at a Circle K to get a drink. I spoke with three Spanish men,giving them a Trivia Del Futbol tract each. Their names are Hosea, Jorge, and Alvadore.

Witnessing should be the normal for the Christian who wants to be used of the Lord. There are so many that need to be saved, but time is short. Let's be bold and strong for our Savior so others can know Him! Happy Soul-Winning!

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