Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This Week in Witnessing (7/8/12 - 7/14/12)

Sunday - After church on Sunday night, I ran into Bo at the Chevron. This was the third time that I had gave him tracts there in the last three weeks. He asked where I went to church. I believe that Bo is going to get saved!

Monday - Before work, I hit the gas pumps at the Monroe Walmart. I gave a million dollar bill tract to a woman that was waiting for the casino bus,to Keith,
and two Walmart employees. In West Monroe, I gave tracts to 2 men at the Racetrac who worked at Grandy's.
At lunch: I gave a tract to Kent at the Golden Pier Restaurant, which is beside my work place. While working at the laundry mat that evening, I gave 2 million dollar bills to 2 regular customers.

Tuesday - AM- At the I-20 NowSave, a man told me that his granddaughter had got a million dollar bill at a church in Ruston after I gave him one. I talked with Alex at the Monroe laundry mat. He was raised in church, but said that he was too busy to go now. I challenged him to read his Bible.
After work - In Walmart,I gave Abraham a million dollar peso. He said that he was from California. He had a lot of tattoos and the bog hole rings on his ears. Some may think that people like this aren't approachable. Anyone who needs Jesus is approachable! Some may not receive the Gospel well, but they must be approached to heat the message of the Gospel! I gave Spanish tracts to Alberto and Alberto, Junior. I gave a million dollar bill to Cody.

Wednesday - Bro. J.J. and I went to jail service in Homer at the Claiborne Parish Detention Center. On the way we stopped at the Sonic in Bernice. I gave a tract to Russ. Bro.J.J. preached about the power of God. I preached on Seeking The Precious Stone out of 1 Peter 2:1-7. After service, we wanted to witness. We talked to Craig and Curtis at the Chevron in Farmerville. I talked with a pastor of a church on Marion. Bro. J.J. Talked with a man that said that he was saved. .

Thursday - AM- I went to a Circle K that is near where I grew up. I saw an old school friend, Rusty, and his son, i gave them both a million dollar bill tract. At the condiment station, I left a Celebrate Freedom and a Bible Belt tract. I talked with Jimmy at the checkout and Raymond at the gas pump.

Friday - AM- I gave a Trivia Del Futbol tract to Faran at the I-20 NowSave. At the drive thru of the bank, I gave a tract to Joe. He was in the lane next to
me. He said that he was a pagan. He had lost his faith in God when his grandfather died. Please pray for Joe . I finally talked with Aaron at lunch. He lives beside my work place. After work, I went fishing at the Ractrac. I met Robert, who said that he used to be catholic. He said that he was a free-thinker. I listened to what he had to say. He said that he appreciated what I was doing. I also gave a tract to Jodi, his brother.
After dinner, we went back to Walmart.
I spoke with Bobby, who was from New Mexico. He was bilingual. I gave him a Trivia Del Futbol tract. Carlos, Victor, Reese, and Jorge were in the front of store. They took a Trivia Del Futbol tract, also. Talking with Paul, i found out that his family got out of church after hardships took place. I told him that I would pray for him. I gave Kendrick a million dollar bill tract and a Bible Belt tract. He remembered getting another tract from me at the gas pumps one day.

Saturday - At Water By The Gallon, I gave million dollar bills to 3 Muslim men and the two employees there. I stopped at a Circle k where the store clerk took a Bible Belt tract. I placed several tracts at the front counter. Steve didn't want the tract that i offered him. I shook his hand and left. I took my children to the Annual safety expo at the Monroe Civic Center. We saw Omar, who is a Muslim. I have been wanting to witness to him for a while. He was one of my customers when I worked at GNC. He took a million dollar bill tract. That night at the Waffle house, 2 waitress got a million dollar bill tract, also. One had saw one earlier that week at Johnny's Pizza.

There are so many lost people everywhere! Do you make it a point to witness everywhere you go? Are tracts with you at all times? It is not hard to share your faith if you are concerned about where souls are going to spend eternity! Let's win someone to Jesus today!!!!

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