Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Million Dollar Challenge

The million dollar bill Gospel tracts are some of my favorite to use. They are eye catching and received well by the lost. When giving them out, I look for an open door to witness. Some of the things I will say when engaging people are: "Here's your first million." or "Tell _________(name of business they work for) to give you a raise." or I will ask: "Did you get one of these?" or "Did you get your first million?" I have only had one reject in the last year. When I used the word "Gospel", he wasn't interested anymore. He may have had a bad experience.
This morning in Sunday School, I am going to challenge my teenage class to hand out at least one million dollar bill Gospel tract. They must hand it to some one. One of my students is already a member of the Bezuegen Tract Club. You can order these at, and 
One million tracts have George

Washington , Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan millions.
Living Waters' has Rutherford Hayes on theirs. They also have the trillion with Abraham Lincoln on the front.

I challenge you to give out at least one of these if you have never used the million dollar bill tract. It will help you get over the fear of witnessing. It will encourage you to want to witness more. It will help you to talk to others that are of different religions. We must challenge them to seek the truth. I gave one to a Hindu at the mall on Friday night. I have put these in the hands of Muslims. A lot of people will not talk to someone about their beliefs or Jesus. They will read a tract, though. Pray that God will open up their eyes when reading a tract.
Will you take the million dollar challenge?

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