Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chris, Daniel, and The Man Who Doesn't Believe There Is A Heaven

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Friday night at Walmart, I gave out several tracts as we went through the store. I spotted a young man walking with his attention on his iPhone. I slipped him “Name 10 Things On Your Bucket List” as he walked by. A few minutes later, he came back to ask “What is a bucket list?”. He had never heard the phrase “kick the bucket”. His name is Chris and is 18 years old. I explained that it was used to talk about when someone dies. He said that he wasn’t saved. I took him through 4 of the 10 commandments. He said that he would be guilty and would go to hell. We talked for several more minutes. I encouraged him to repent and put his trust in Jesus. There are a lot more young people out there like Chris. We need to be prepared to witness at all times.Take tracts with you “As You Go”!

Two other witnessing encounters:

We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant Friday night. A lot of the workers know us! I usually give out a few tracts each time we go there. I talked with Daniel, who told me that he was from Honduras. I have him the Spanish version of "Are You A Good Person". He said that he wasn't a Christian, but didn't believe in Islam, Mormons, or Jehovah's Witnesses. He seemed to have a Christian background, but is far from The Lord now.

On my Wednesday lunch break, I gave out a few tracts as I went through Walmart.I offered an "Are You A Good Person?" tract to a man that has just got out of his vehicle. He asked me what it was about. I asked if he knew if he as going to Heaven. He asked me how did I know there was a Heaven. I told him by the Bible. Then, he said that there wasn't a Heaven and that he didn't want to talk anymore. I told him that we will find out in the end. I know that there is a Heaven and a hell. I want to see people make it to Heaven. I pray that this man will see the error of his was way, repent, and believe the Gospel! Do you want others to go to Heaven. Let's rescue the perishing!

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