Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday Night Evangelism - June 7, 2013

Bro. Gary, Bro. J.J., and I met up to go to our hot spot, the Trial Bar, for preaching and witnessing. We usually meet at the Monroe Walmart parking lot at 9:30. From there, we go to the Cracker Barrel convenience store to load up a few beer cases with tracts and get water. Before we go to the bars, we have our prayer walk where we pray while we walk to a set of railroad tracks. On the way to the tracks, i offered a "Get Out Of Hell Free" tract to a man that was walking by us. He didn't take it.
Two bands were playing at the Trial. I brought our cross with "Are you Ready? on it. I've been wanting to do this for a while. I bought a pack of 4" adhesive letters from Office Depot at lunch time Friday. This was inspired by Tony Miano, Paul Latour, and Vernon Costello. They use one that is smaller. I want to get one like theirs soon. Bro Gary held it up for most of the night. I preached first. Our first conversation was with a man named Jack. He was interested in what we were doing. He said that he family was not religious. We talked about the Gospel and how Jesus took our place. I gave him a tract before he left. We pray that Jack gets saved soon! Kenny came out to ask us if we were protesting. He is from Southern California where he said he had never seen what we were doing. Bro. Gary and Bro. J.J. told him that we were talking about the Gospel. He seemed to have his own brand of Christianity. He took a tract from all three of us. Bro. J.J. was able to preach for a little time before the first band played. Jerry came out and talked with Bro. J.J. for a long time. He, too, had his own way with God. A troubled young man came over to tell us that we weren't helping anyone and he was aggravated about what we were doing. He suggested that we pick up trash or wash someone's feet. He picked up some trash around us and some in front of the bar so we could see him helping out. I think he may have been on something. A another young man showed me his Jesus tattoo as he was going toward the bar. He had been drinking a few. After Jerry and Bro. J.J. finished their conversation, we called it a night. Where will you share the Gospel this week?

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