Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Night Before Christmas Eve !

I went with my family tonight to do some last minute shopping. Being the next to the last night before Christmas, just about everyone was out doing the same. The mall was our first stop. I got to give out a holiday tract that I had printed out earlier from Steve Sanchez's blog, Stone The Preacher. ( The Tract is in the picture. ) It is a Spanish tract that ask if one has been good or bad. I gave it to Alejandro, who said that he wasn't a Christian. I gave out several " Get Out Of Hell Free " cards as we made our way through the crowds. A man named Leonard found me after I gave him one. He asked me what it meant. He said that he was a Christian. We talked
about the born-again experience. He asked if I had singled him out. I told him that I was giving out several different tracts. I gave him another one and challenged him to give it to someone.
At Stienmart, I ran into Luther, a Christian brother, that I haven't seen in years. He said that he was living in Arlington,Texas. We encouraged each other at our brief conversation.
I took my family home around 9:00 pm.
I still had a few more things to do. I picked up Bro. JJ to go back with me for the fellowship. The crowd was still in full force when we got to Walmart. Three Spanish men were in line to purchase a case of beer. I got the same tract out that I gave to Alejandro. I gave them one each as I wished them " Feliz Navidad ". It seemed that they had already been drinking. I pray that the will come to drink the living water ! I talked to Sly at the checkout line. He told me that he was a freelance artist. I gave him a new " Are You Ready ? " tract. Have you shared your faith this Christmas ?

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