Friday, June 1, 2012

This Week in Witnessing

Memorial Day- I gave out 9 tracts out before work this am!! I had a divine appointment after work! I stopped at McDonald's to see a man that I have been witnnessing to. I gave a tract to a woman that walked in and then out! She didn't order anything! I went fishing on the river with family and friends. Also,I gave 5 trillions away at the park. One woman asked me to read it to them! I did! Then, I asked them where would they go if they died tonight. The one woman that asked me to read the tract said that that was a good question.
Tuesday- I went to a gas station that I usually don't go to. I gave the owner a trillion. I waited for a man to come out that was paying for gas. His name is Terrance. I took him through three commandments and challenged him to read the bible tonight. I gave million dollar pesos to Daniel and Mario after they cut the grass at a bank.Pray for Kindra who works at the drive-thru at Captain D's. She said that she didn't know where she was going when she dies. At Walmart I gave tracts to Isaiah, Oseal, Scott, Mindy Harold, Jason, and Erica. I also gave a tract to a man that had bought cigarettes at the gas pumps. At the Chevron, after prayer meeting, James told me that Jeremy needed a mancard. James gets me to give the new guy a mancard everytime!
Wednesday At lunch, I walked to the Now Save convenience store to pass out a few tracts. I gave 6 to some men that were in a van. I talked with Nick and Damon. I gave one to Chris and two other men at the Golden Pier Seafood restaurant. We ate at Chile Verde after work. I gave million dollar pesos to Olivia, Miguel, and another Spanish man. I left a trillion dollar bill for our waiter and gave one to the man that took customers to their seats. As we were leaving I gave a trillion to a man that was on the restaurant porch. He admitted that he was far from God. I gave out my last trillion to "T", a woman that works at the Dollar General.
Thursday - Before work this morning, I went to the NowSave near the I-20 in Monroe. I gave a Mancard to "Chief" as he was leaving the store. The woman serving breakfast got a "The Biggest Gamble". I gave two away while in line; one to Russell who said that he messed up a lot.
At lunch, I made my round in Super One. Quinton was sampling meat at the front. I asked him where would he go if he died today. Being sarcastic, he said purgatory. He told me that he was Church of Christ. I traded Joshua a tract for a sample of cheese! He told me that he was saved. Andrew, who was working with the fruit,was a Christian,too. He said that he wants to be a pastor. Another man said that he had been saved for three years. I slipped a few tracts into some cases of beer. Sleighton said that he was saved when I gave him a tract while leaving the store. After work, I stopped at the Walmart in West Monroe. I gave tracts to Laquita, Walter, and Alfredo. I offered a tract to one man who gave it back to me when he told me that he was catholic
Friday- I hit the NowSave again before work. I gave tracts to Jerry (who I saw there yesterday),
Neil, Anthony, and Darryl. I also gave tracts to two women who where eating inside. I only gave one tract out at lunch at the bank. As I was leaving, I asked a man if he was going to Heaven or hell. He said that he didn't know as I gave him a tract. While getting a Walmart gas card after work, I gave David a tract.
Do you see the need for evangelizing the lost? I have been stirred!!! Press on, soul-winners! Let's win souls!
Saturday - I had to work for a few hours in the morning, so I passes out 4 tracts at McDonald's. At Circle K, NIta told me that she hoped to go to Heaven when I asked her the question. I challenged her to make sure before she went to bed that night. After studying for Sunday School and Nursing Home service, I went to the Waffle House. I sat down by a young man when as I picked up the menu. He asked if I wanted to support him by buying one of his cds. I told him that I listened only to gospel music when he said that it was hip-hop. I asked him where he was going to spend eternity. He said that he was probably going to Heaven. Before I could mention the law, he was trying to justify himself.
Please pray that Michael's eyes will be opened! There are more souls to be witnessed to!

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