Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bar Preaching - August 26, 1011

Bro. David, Bro. JJ, and I arrived at our trio of bars around 10:15 this Friday night. We get the most responses and heckling from the Tsunami. Bro. JJ and I both preached for about 20 minutes each. This was the first time for us to bring our cross. It attracted some attention. A few patrons took pictures. One man said that Jesus wasn't on the cross anymore. We told him that he was right and that the cross still has power. Many tried to justify there sin. One man, who we have had several encounters with, said that God wanted him to be in the bar to witness and that it was ok to drink. He also said that he is going to seminary. Another man said that he was a Mormon; that their prophet told them to blend in to win converts. He had no problem drinking and hanging with the bar crowd. I have heard that the Mormon church has changed some things, but I don't think they condone drinking. Nevertheless, they still need the real Jesus. Bro. David knew his friend, Petey. Over a month ago, he was partying with him at the same bar. Now he was witnessing to him. Petey was very intoxicated. J. D. told me
that he was delivered from satanism two years ago. He was wearing a satanic metal band shirt. He said that he went to a certain church. I asked if he knew a friend of mine that goes there.
He said that he did. I told him to tell him that I said hi, but he said that I would see him before he did. Kenny told us that no one was listening and that they were making fun of us. We are used to the heckling. We don't mind because we believe that we are doing the will of God. We are sowing seeds, expecting God to deal with someone to get right with him ! We can't wait till next time !

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