Friday, January 29, 2016

The 2nd Annual Bezeugen Tract Club Scavenger Hunt


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Announcing the 2nd Annual #DailyTractChallenge Scavenger Hunt. Each day on social scavenger-hunt-birthday-partymedia Bezeugen Ministries posts a #DailyTractChallenge to encourage you – challenge you – to share the Gospel in some specific way. The scavenger hunt is a contest to see who can complete 30 such #DailyTractChallenge’s in one single day.

When: January 30th, 2016

Where: Wherever you are!

Register: Meetup or Facebook

During each day of January a #DailyTractChallenge is being posted on social media on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Follow along during the month and “practice” these challenges. Then on January 30th you have 24 hours to attempt to complete all 30 #DailyTractChallenge’s in one day!

In the first year, several people were able to complete all 30! How many can / will you do?

Prizes will be awarded! We will award prizes including tracts, tract holders and other special items to equip and encourage you to share the Gospel!


Open to members of the Bezeugen Tract Club in the United States and Canada. Not a member yet? Enroll today!
You agree to report your results honestly and accurately!
You must register prior to 11:59 PM Eastern on January 29, 2016 via the Meetup or Facebook events.

Here is the list of challenges for the month of January - 

Scavenger hunt challenges
1. Happy New Year 
2. College football fan
3. Jacket
4. Blue shirt
5. Cashier
6. Ask - Did you get one of these?
7. Name tag 
8. Camo
9. Green shirt 
10. White shirt
11. red box
12. Hat
13. Uniform
14. yellow shirt
15. Hoodie
16. Football fan
17. Sunglasses 
18. Coffee 
19. Cellphone 
20. Sitting down 
21. Standing in line
22. Gas pump
23. Gift Card rack
24.Burgundy shirt
25. Someone walking 
27. Table 
28. Brown
29. orange
30. Convenience store

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