Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Witnessing - Feb.13, 2016

I had a great day of witnessing by giving out tracts at the mall, Super One, and Walmart. I met today's #DailyTractChallenge at Super One by giving out 5 tracts in the flower section. I gave out several of the May The Lord Be With You tracts and Yolo tracts in Burlingtons. I slipped  a few May The Lord Be With You tracts into Star Wars bags there. I met Hosea when I gave him a tract. He says that his father-in-law is starting a Spanish church in a nearby city. He knows a minister that I know. I took my wife to Olive Garden where I gave a Thank You tract to Mario, our server. It was busy at Walmart with everyone buying for Valentine's Day. I probably gave out 15-20 tracts there. John took the Camo Card in electronics. He was wearing a camo shirt.  On the grocery side, I gave a tract to Daniel and his friend. Daniel asked if it was about church. I told him that I was a domestic missionary and that I did this everywhere I go. He said that he was going to Heaven. He didn't know what to say when I asked how he was going to get into Heaven when he stood before God. He said that he didn't know. Then, in the clothes section, I gave a  Yolo tract to Danny.

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