Thursday, October 27, 2016

The State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach Report - 2016

Carl and I had a great time sharing the Gospel at the State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach on Saturday. My son and Gary Lively came from Louisiana Jim Wolfe and Ash Price came from the Texarkana area. Craig come out to be with us, too. I met Keith Neds who witnesses with us. Students from the Gospel for Asia joined us in shifts throughout the day, helping us pass out over 5,000 tracts and taking people through the million dollar eye test. We had many conversations that had some thinking and some walk away when they found out we were talking about "religion". One woman told be that she was Jewish and walked away. A lesbian said that she was going to fly when I asked how she was going to Heaven. Maggie, Trey, and their friend listened to us as we took them through the law and explain the Gospel. Here are a few other names of those who I talked with: two young women named Hunter, Amber, Allison, DJ, Mer, and John. This is the 4th year that I have went to this outreach. Please pray the seeds that were planted.

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