Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Night Evangelism

While waiting for Bro. JJ and Bro. Day, I was in Walmart with my family. I gave
a million dollar peso to Raul and another man who was at the money center. Ronnie was glad to get a Mancard. He wanted another one to give to a friend. Roy got one,too. My friend,who works at Walmart,asked me about a baby swing battery that a customer was looking at. I gave a trillion dollar bill to her customer and the man that was with him.They were Muslims!
Bro. Day, Bro. JJ, and I started out in front Walmart tonight around 9:30. Bro. JJ preached while we held up a sign and the cross. Before we left, Bro. JJ talked with two women at a bus-stop.
We arrived at the bars about 10:30. One bar wasn't open. We heard them talking as soon as we got there. One woman yelled "Jesus changed me, but I still drink."( Our sign says "Jesus will change your life.) Then she said "We're devil worshippers!" We get the most heckling from this rock bar. Allen was the first one to come talk to us. Bro. JJ took him through the law and explained the gospel to him. He left after Bro. JJ gave him a Are You A Good Person Tract. Drew came over to talk to us next. He didn't have a church background.I talked to him about the law and how one can be saved. He said that he was 18. While we were talking with him, two young women came to talk with us. One seemed upset that that we were there. She said that she was Catholic. She calmed down as we talked with her. I recognized her friend from getting glasses from where I work. They both got a Are You A Good Person tract. Bro Day gave a tract to their friend. Grant came to talk to us before he went in to the Hookin' Bull. He was in the military.I thanked him for his service. He asked why we were there. He told me that we needed to be downtown where the drug dealers were. I told him that God had told us to be there for the night. He said that his grandfather was a great preacher, so he has been around church. He opposed a little at first, but he said that
he wasn't against us. He slipped the Mancard tract in his pocket when I gave it to him. The singer for one of the bands (Electric Sermon) that was playing at the Tsunami came over to talk with us.We talked to him for a while before it was time for his band to play. He asked if we believed that one can sell their soul. He talked about his experiences. He had Alex film us with a digital camera. He also told us that he had talked with the devil; that the devil was inside of him. When his band got up to play, they announced that there was '"Christian protesters" across the street. He proudly said that their first song was about the devil. Please pray for Craig and his band. The last person we talked to was Donnie, who works at the Tsunami. The first time we preached there, he snatched the Bible out of JJ's hands. He offered us water last night! He talked to us about the Torah and judging. Bro. JJ tried to explain Matthew 7 to him. He admitted that we weren't like the Westboro Baptist people from Kansas. We want them to see that we have a good spirit in witnessing and preaching. We want them to see our concern for their souls. Street preachers don't have to be harsh and hard. We need to kind and compassionate toward them that are without. As C. Sumner Wemp said, " We need to knock on the door of every sinner's heart; not shove it down!"

One more thing: As we were leaving the bar parking lot last night, I heard music playing. It was coming from my phone. My phone was locked! It was on the Solid Gospel radio station app. The song that was playing was "Palms of Victory"!