Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to Soul-winning in North Louisiana. We preach mainly in front of night clubs in Monroe,Louisiana. It is a blessing to take the Gospel to the streets. We attend Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle where Bro. Tracy Boyd is the pastor. I have been passing out tracts since I got saved 18 years ago. Lately, the Lord has really stirred us to do more for Him for these are the last days. We wanted to start this blog to let you know what God is doing in the ministry He has given us. We have seen the Lord work in a mighty way ! One night we prayed with a man whose marriage was on the rocks. He called his wife who was 100 miles away. They reconciled over the phone ! We get to talk to the sceptic and the seeking. Some people are surprised to see us out there because they have never heard of or seen street preachers. Street preaching is God's will. He confirms that He is with us everytime we go ! On Friday the 15th we preached at our new fishing spot. There are three bars that are side by side : Hooking Bull, Miscues, and the Tsunami. Bro J.J and I both preached . We talked with two young men who really listened to what we had to say. One thought that it was hard to live for God. We assured him that it wasn't. The other mocked us at first, but came back and apologized. We were interviewed by a woman from a new rock station in town. She said that she was going to put it on that Saturday. We pray that the Lord used it to reach somebody. We gave her a tract as we witnessed to her. God had a road block for another man we talked to. He went right through it, getting arrested the next morning for a dwi. Please pray for this ministry !


  1. He's ALIVE!!! Thank God for grace!


  2. Street preaching really works. The only time I went with yall I remember, we prayed with a guy who just got kicked out of the bar, and I felt God's Spirit move, and he visibly sobered up. We gave him tracts, paid for his ride home, Not sure what happened with him, but I pray we planted a seed...

    After that, coworkers joked with me about 'picketing' the club. In almost the same breath, they complained the club was being racist. So I said, I was picketing their racism too, so there!

    We need more people warning folks about sin, If people saw 5 seconds of hell, they would understand better !!

    Found this article, It may be helpful...

    Feel free to delete the other post if you like, I did not look at the page real close, I just saw it was the right article and went with it, since I posted it at 2AM, I was getting tired! I looked at this new link a lot closer, it should be very family friendly. Thanks for letting me know, God Bless!