Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personal Evangelism - July 23, 2011

How are your evangelism efforts going ? We pray that you are being encouraged and that doors are being opened. God has really blessed our lives with joy that just can't be stopped ! I desire to do what I can for the sake of a soul to be saved ! I went to the mall last night with my family. I gave out several tracts there. Afterwards, we went to Walmart. You can't just shop at Walmart. Everybody goes there ! I am always looking for someone to witness to while I am there. I talked to a man that was homeless. He told me that he was supposed to preach at one time. I pray that God will touch his heart and bring Him back to the blood of Jesus. Please pray for Mr. Harris.
Today we went to Ruston, which is about forty miles from where we live. Our first stop was a thrift store. I was able to get five free Gideon New Testaments. I give these away whenever I get them. I was able to witness to 7 Spanish men there. I keep Spanish tracts with me, too. After that , I gave tracts to two Spanish men that worked at the Chinese restuarant that we ate at. Then, at Walmart, I talked to Hosea and his family. He seemed interested in coming to
our church in the morning. My daughter talked with his daughters who were about the same age
as her. We had a good conversation about the Lord and church. I also gave tracts to two
young Muslim men as they were leaving the store. To my surprise, they took them !
A woman at the Dollar General in Sterlington recognized me from being on the corner by the
college where I have been twice this past week. She told me that she appreciated me being out
there . That was very encouraging ! Lastly, the carhop at Sonic was giving me a tea. I didn't have a good grip on it, so it ended up on my pants and our van floorboard. I didn't get upset.
When she brought me the new tea, I gave her a tip and a tract ! How was your day in evangelizing ?

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